Sunday, 20 January 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 14- Assistants with children

“I am an assistant, I love everything I do for my God, I really do, but I have a doubt. Well, I have a lovely son with only 8 years of age, I dedicate a lot in the evangelization, but I noticed that my son has been in need of my presence, since I work all day, I leave early and come home late, so I decided to evangelize three Sundays. That is why many assistants criticized me, saying we don’t have the right to a social life, which I have to take my son to play in the playground of the church, not to the mall nor to a park. Honestly I do not know what else to do, can you give me some guidance please? I do not want to sin against my God.” - An assistant

Again the difficulty of finding a balance, we already spoke of this to all the married ladies in relation to their husband, the single ladies in relation to their parents and now we are going to speak to the parents in relation to their children.
The secret and the answer is only one “Balance”. What is it worth for you to be at church and “abandon” your child? That is not what God expects of the parents, give your best at church during the time you serve, but separate a time to dedicate to your child, go out with him, to the park, movie theatre, that is not a sin, you are taking care of your sons soul doing that as well, so that he is not vaccinated against the church.
Children have their needs, which we as adults perhaps dismiss, but that for their development is important.
You have to be a mother that gives attention, education, teaching the things of God, your child needs you.
Many parents complain about their children being very distant, they do not trust them, but what have you done to get close to your children?
Of course everything has a balance, it’s clear that someone is not going to take advantage because they have children to always miss with their obligations as a servant, but there is time for everything and you should see the necessities of your children and be a present mother.

Task for all the mothers: you are going to speak to your child and get to know their needs, I am not referring to physical needs, because I know you meet those, without them needing or asking. I am referring to what they need of you as a present mother, perhaps more time, leisure, attention, teaching, etc. Each and one of you are going to see what is missing and put it into practice.
Later let us know your experience and the results.


Anonymous said...

I can use this advice thank you

amanda said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for this advice it will help me in future , I am not married yet .,

Thank you

Karen Nunez said...

This is true!!! Thank you Mrs. Tania, I was having trouble in that department, but it's very understandable!! Being a women of God, is knowing how to balance your life with God and Kids!!
Thank you
(Hialeah, Fl)

Boitumelo said...

I don't have children but I guess this applies in everything as you mentioned balance in relation with parents, spouses and now kids. It is true that we feel guilty when missing commitments in church but if we learn to balance we can schedule everything to fit at the right time and can still do our duties at home, work, church and everywhere else.

Briony Bangura said...

Being balanced makes a difference to everything!
I am learning that in order to be balanced I need to keep my eyes on God and focus on pleasing Him ultimately. It is common that you won't please everyone, people have different expectations of you but as humans we are limited and can't do everything. As long as I am right before God, then I am at peace and this is what really matters.

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