Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 11 - Single Assistants

We have already directed a topic to the married assistants how to act toward her husband, today we will teach how those who are single should behave towards their parents.
Did you know that the only commandment with a promise is the one that refers to parents?
“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12
Many assistants have problems with their parents and have a difficulty of finding a balance between the work of God and their family.
Many are excellent in the church, capable of being there the whole day, perform various activities willingly and love, the problem is that at home they do not want to do anything.
Have you ever wondered why your parents complain about you? Is it an implication or is there a real reason which justifies this attitude of their part?
If you go every day to church, not caring for your room, your clothes, you do not help your mother with the chores of the house and moreover you do poorly in school because you do not have time to study, what do you expect will happen, that your mother fills you with praises?

That will not happen because you have not given a good testimony, nor of God, not even of what we teach you in church, leading your family often against the church because of your lack of balance and example.
It is no use in the church for you to be the best servant, if in your house you are lazy, not collaborating with chores, leaving the entire load on top of your mother, this does not please God.
When some mothers go tell the pastor that her daughter does not do anything at home, it is even hard to believe, because at church the young lady does not know what else to do, of how helpful she is.

Task: You are going to make a schedule of your week, writing in a agenda and separate the days that you will clean your room, organize your stuff and help your mother in the affairs she needs.
If you want to leave your comment sharing with us your day or days you separated to collaborate.
Of course every day you can do something, like setting the table, washing dishes, because every day we eat and something is done, but you have to have a day for cleaning. I would like you be more aware and not see your mother as if she were the maid of the house.
Afterwards share with us your testimony about the results, I'm sure the fights and complaints will end.


Anonymous said...

great tips will use them

cphosethu said...

Helo Mrs Tania

I have done my challenge for this blog and the results are good...I make sure that everything is well before I go to church and my parents are happy with that....I even cook early.

Boitumelo said...

Oh how true this is. I was one of those daughters as you described in the blog. My mother hated the church because of my laziness at home yet i was doing it all in church, I used to think the devil was using her while it was I doing the devil's work to destroy my family and was the one standing in the way of my mom accepting Jesus. Since joining Godllywood, I learnt to balance my responsibilities and even started making time to spend with my family. Everything changed after that and today my mom is a member of the church and I enjoy being there for my family. When I changed, my family did too.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Dear Mrs Tania

This is a task i'll apply to my family, sometimes i get so busy with work and responsibilities at church and end up not making time for my responsibilities at home,i'm already applying time nanagement skills and i'm adding them by doing this task.Thank you.

Josephine said...

This is very deeply practical and spiritual message, as i think about it, it reminds me of where it is written Romans that we should not let the good that we do (as part of the work of God) be seen as evil because of the bad testimony we are giving at home, work or at school (Romans 14:14-20).

I really had to evaluate this in my life, i would make sure i moved mountains to be on time for the service to greet the people and prepare for the meeting, but i was known as the late comer at work. And it was those "little things" that we blocking my progress in my career. In all the things that i was doing i matured in my faith and know that the work of God is not limited to the things of the church or even when we are out evengerlising but your whole life itself. The Bible says that we should be examples (1 Peter 5:3)and that ALL our conduct should be holy (1 Peter 1:15-16.

We must always remember the order:
God 1st
Family 2nd
The Work 3rd
Thank you for the message Ms Rubim

Briony Bangura said...

When I first started the church I was very imbalanced, my family hated the church and the relationship between us was cold. Being balanced and a good testimony at home has been my goal. Things have improved a lot, however there is still more I can do. I think it's so good to be blameless in the eyes of my family, all for the glory of God.

As I have been changing it is great to see my mother having little to complain about, however I am determine to change things completely once and for all. I am going to make a new schedule and fight to stick to it. I cannot wait to see more and better changes for the Glory of God's name and salvation of my household.

This was another helpful blog post. I pray God will continue to use you!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much Mrs Tania .....well my parents has been complaining too much about me going to church and i did not know the reason why she did that but after reading this i got the answer and i thank you very very much

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