Saturday, 22 December 2012

Assistants in Focus Series 10 - Advising the new Assistants

"I am new to the work of God as an assistant, and sometimes I feel a resistance from other assistants in the way they treat me and others who are also new. They look at us differently, if we ask something they respond in a bad way, you understand? Sometimes we need to ask something or give them a message and they act with contempt, as if we had no importance. "

Today we will talk about how older assistants receive and treat the new ones. Every attitude has a reason behind it, we will consider what can cause such behavior, which is not nice or pleasant, we were all once new assistants and certainly would not like to receive that type of treatment you read above.
What is the root that leads an older assistant not to appreciate or "not" to accept the new one treating her with indifference?
It may be jealousy, insecurity, or even pride, that’s it.
Jealousy, because she sees that new servants coming in and maybe she will not be the spotlight;
Insecurity, she begins to think that another can take her responsibilities and is afraid to lose.
Finally she has pride, she feels that someone is invading "her" space, believes she is better or superior, that she knows more, that the new cannot be compared to them, and they do not deserve to be there.
That is lack of consideration for the Holy Spirit, for if He chose who are you not to accept, neglect or mistreat?
On the contrary, if you are a spiritual woman, you are going to welcome the new assistants, you will teach her, support her and make her feel wanted and loved, it is a pleasure when we see God's army growing, and a joy when someone is blessed, that's the spirit that we should all have, because that is the Spirit of God.

Task: Friends, you will see your attitudes towards the new assistants. From now on you will be closer to those who have little time serving God and will receive them with kindness. Show them the love of God, put yourself at disposition to help and teach them, even more, take their name to pray and write here in the comments section "I am praying for the assistant "y".
That is what they expect of you and that is what you should give them. Those assistants will see you as a spiritual mother and will never forget you, maybe tomorrow she will be the pastor’s wife from your church, you never know.
I will be waiting, I would like for all to do the task, let’s go in faith.


Anonymous said...

Very strange would not expect this type of situation in the church.

jenny cvyg said...

Hello,Mrs Tania am a new Assistant in my branch and I will be pray for Assistant Miss Lucy Kyakobwa

Anonymous said...

I thank God for the assistants of my branch,the time i was raised they were so helpfull so starting to day im going to pray for assistant Andiswa Hanjana for got to use her much more!!!

Boitumelo said...

Everytime i read a post on this series, I learn a lot. As the body of assistants, there are a many issues we encounter and I believe it is the devil blinding us from seeing the bigger picture that God chose each one of us for a purpose, we are all part of the same body. Of the 3 reasons listed for the bad treatment of the new assistants, all could be removed if we can all know that a finger can never give the body sight, in the same way, what I was called for or what I am talented at is meant to serve the same body as what another assistant is blessed with, only in a different way. We need to start focusing more on helping and encouraging each other so we can grow strong together.

Anonymous said...

this what is happening to me now, the hate is so intense and it has got to a point that am being verbally shouted at, general bullying.

shyani said...

I am going to pray for all the new collaborators raised recently in the church. I will do my best to spend time with them to know them more and also to learn from them. All because my salvation is more precious and i don't want to displease God.

Briony Bangura said...

Hello Mrs Tania,

I have only been serving for 3 months, there is someone in my branch that has been serving for two so I will pray for him.

When I read this blog I thought about an assistants I know who is not pleasant and sometimes disregards me. It is not a nice feeling so I am now cautious of how I should treat others.

Mercy said...

Recently we have new assistants in the church, and i have the pleasure to pray for them talk to them and even help them more. My pray alway to God is to bring more workers because i can't do it alone the work of God is bigger then we think. I will still continue to pray for then. Oh my God

Thank you Mrs Tania said...

Thank you for the teaching Mrs Tania, we have new helpers in our church. I will help them as I was helped and taken care of when I was a new assistant, they are youth group with me. Their names are Tebogo, Nonhlanhla and Paballo.

Naletsana Mkwanazi South Africa

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