Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Assistants in Focus Series 6 - Good Manners

"And Sunday they arrive with a ugly face, we've had instances of members come to complain about the attention that the assistants give to the people.
Furthermore, posting some things on Facebook, like admiring the amazing ability to endure people who deserve a punch in the face."

We know that there are things that are expected of every human being, and that for this it is not necessary to be converted, or being born of God, such as respect and good manners, for example.
Now imagine what is expected of a person who claims to be filled with the Holy Spirit, at the very least much more of what we expect from people that have nothing of God.
If the assistants, who are the image of the church, are there to help the people, and are with an "ugly" face or closed up, being rude in their way of speaking, do you think that the afflicted will want to get close to her and ask for guidance? I think not, people will flee in seven directions, because a frowned face is scary, it does not invite anyone to come close, it alienates people. It's like if you had a label on your forehead saying "Do not come near me, the mood here isn't good."

But after all, are we in the church to scare people away or to receive them in a pleasant way?
You see, small details make a difference, a woman of God should be gracious, know how to smile, speak politely, and be passive. How can a person that says they are of God is going to speak as we read in the email above "endure people who deserve a punch in the face", where does so much aggression come from? Certainly not from the Holy Spirit, or do you have doubts about this?
Think of the souls always before taking any action out of place or behaving rude and crude, we want to win souls, not expel them from the church.

Task: Friends, if you have acted this way, you acknowledge that you have been rude, impolite, and sometimes aggressive or explosive, from now you are going to change your behavior. Not because I'm asking, but because you want to please God and become this graceful woman.
Every time you go to church (do it also at home and at work), you are going to smile at people, and wish them a good morning. Furthermore, when you attend someone you are going to be kind and patient.
Let's not make excuses, "Oh no, this is my way of being, I do not like to be smiling, I'll end up with pain on my jaw; Oh it's because I wake up in a bad mood and I am good in the afternoon." Didn't you say that you would do anything to win souls; then show it.
We want to know who is doing the tasks.
See you soon!


Tatiane Gomes said...

Dear Mrs Tania,
we must always exude the fragrance of Christ, be gracious, helpful, patient, kind, anyway ... try to be a good example.
Thank you!

Saziso said...

I am not an assistant but I would like to be a true servant of God. From reading the series I realise that as a servant I haven't been doing my best. I believe that if I do these tasks sincerely, I'll go on to becoming the servant I aspire to be and beyond.

naomi boketsu said...

Hello Mrs Tania thank you so much ,this does not only help us only when we are in the house of God but also outside if we want to set a good example and win souls from non-believers, I will apply this to my life thank you. God bless

Buhle said...

Good day Mrs Tania

I will certainly be taking this challenge and doing the task. I've always heard people say I've got a really serious face and that I should smile often but it wasn’t drilled into my head until I saw myself on a DVD they recorded from the performance of the choir, GOSH!! I couldn’t even stay to watch.

I can say it is finally drilled in, I understand that I should be gracious, not only to say I love souls and want to serve God whole heartedly but my face has to be evidence of my “desires”.

Thanks again for sharing.
God bless you.

Boitumelo said...

Our face reflects what is within us and if new people find us grumpy, they will wonder where this Christ who gives joy is if we servants who claim to know Christ look unhappy in His house. We are the reflection of Christ and should behave in the right manner to save and not scatter souls.

Monicah Chauke said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for reminding me that I should be approachable. A happy and kind face will always attract people to come and ask help from me.
An approachable face is another way of saving souls because it is easier for peolple to ask help from someone who's always smiling.

Bheemul Ashwini said...

we are the mirror of the church and the people see the assistants as their examples but if the assistants do not act nicely or gracefully then the latter will give a bad testimony to the people and they will not come to the assistant to seek help...

Briony Bangura said...

I really agree good manners are very important and even necessary for anyone who wants to serve God or be a reference of Him. It is important we go out of our way to greet people and always be pleasant because these little things make a big difference. What you said is very true and makes me think; if I allow myself to keep a sad face then people will just not approach me to ask for help or anything and what is the point of that! I am here to serve and that means in every aspect.

This post was helpful! May god continue to use you!x

Mercy said...

Its good to look happy all the time to do Gods work with pleasure and He will reward you

ms guni, England uk said...

Miss when I came to the church full of demons and manifesting I used to have an ugly face. After all these years in the church l can't have that face anymore.
Even in businesses worldwide people smile and we go there more than often. We end up spending money because of the face.

Lerato Maidi said...

it is true. We need to remember as well that some of the people come already from homes where there is an absence of peace. They come to church because they need a different environment in the house of God. If we also mistreat them, then where are they supposed to go for peace? We need to be different and to make them feel welcomed so that they may know that the door is always opened to welcome them.

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