Sunday, 25 November 2012

Assistants in Focus Series 5- Abuse of Authority

Today I want to talk about those people who like to extrapolate, or rather step out of line.
When I think I've heard everything in this lifetime, I get this email:
"And another situation is the issue of a leader of the EBI, the way she treats the teachers, at times shouting, or in any adverse situation by saying that the other assistant has the "devil"."

Unfortunately we have people who are not well situated, they have no idea what the work of God is, much less know words such as: converting, fear, respect, good testimony, being born again, because if they had notion of these words they would quickly realize that they are not prepared to serve God.
Don’t you think it's a lack of respect to treat people with screaming, it isn’t something that just happened in a day of PMS (which also does not justify), or in a moment of anger, it is something constant.
To show authority you do not need to shout, an assistant who has any responsibility must give her best, without mistreating other people.
If the pastor who is the highest authority in the church doesn’t this, at least in the 17 years that I have serving God, I've never seen my husband scream at any assistant, or pastor.

The Lord Jesus was straightforward; he said what he needed to say without fear, but did not mistreat people. Even with the pharisees, He gave those intelligent responses that when I read, therefore I think, "what a well given answer, He ended with them, He is so intelligent, without having to lower the standard."
So know that this kind of behavior does not please God, it shows that you are a person of the flesh, who does not measure her words, which means that you should not be responsible for anything! Forgive me, I said it!
Of course we are not going to generalize, we are here to try to correct the mistakes and help those in need, thank God we have assistants who are great women of God and bless everyone around them, including me.

Task: If you have this kind of attitude as the person's e-mail above, and are responsible for something at church that involves other people, you will be honest and give back that position to the pastor; you will first change to then be able to give your best. Doing the work of God in Spirit and not in flesh.
You will not be afraid of losing this position, you will face reality.
After if you have courage, share it with us by leaving your comment.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing compared to what I have seen and heard with my own ears.At one point I was in a meeting and an assistant lied to the pastor, and i can go on.

Tatiane Gomes said...

Mrs Tania,

Unfortunately this really happens, but we see that whoever does so is because the person has lost the fear of God. Authority was constituted by God, but we must not forget that we are all servants and before God eyes we are all we are all the same, regardless of title or position.
Thank you!

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Dear Mrs Tania

It is important that we ask for wisdom to God as well,yes we've been given authority by God for us to use, but it does not mean we have to misuse it, which is why we need to have a zeal for everything in the work of God and have fear for God.

Briony Bangura said...

I have seen assistants and people in authority treating people around them with little respect and rudeness. This type of attitude lowers their value and can bring a bad name to themselves, as well as to others who serve God. I have realised sometimes I can come across harsh with my words. This is not intentional but I can be blunt. It is very important that I am in Spirit and careful about how I say things because my role is to lift people up and lead them to God.

Mercy said...

some times these things happen but we have to realizes that we are not well but if we don't some people think they are the best, if we see anyone like this we need to report to the pastor even if this person is you friend and if i find myself in this way I need to seek help I am learning a lot from assistant in focus


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