Monday, 19 November 2012

Assistants in Focus Series 4 - Disinterest

I’ve been receiving some emails from assistants reporting some situations that are happening and are very sad. One was about the neglect of some assistants in relation to the care of the church and even disinterest in spiritual service. Read for yourself: "I see a difficulty in assistants accepting and taking on responsibilities, for example I am looking for a helper for social work and with the exception of those already active in a group, the assistants shirk ..." "I am an educator of the EBI, and there has been a few unpleasant things happening. The assistants do not help in the cleaning of the church; they do not go out to evangelize. They do not do visual aids for the kids..." The assistants serve God out of love, Him and the souls, if she is willing to serve and then does not want to cooperate with the work of God, then she is being negligent. They do not want to evangelize, help in maintaining cleanliness, not giving their best in the EBI; then you are not being an assistant. Because God called them to win souls, both inside and outside the church, if the assistant has no desire to speak of Jesus, takes no pleasure to teach and give their best to the children, does not care how the church is, then she is not giving her best. All this is a reflection of a turned off spiritual life, the real problem is not what these assistants are not doing, but the spiritual state that they find themselves, how their interior is, how they have seen the work of God and souls. The not doing has only been a reflection of what is happening inside.

Task: First make a sincere analysis of how your service has been in the work of God. You are going to take some time to speak of Jesus, if for some reason you cannot go out with the group of evangelization; you will speak of Jesus in your neighborhood, at school, at work. In addition you will honor God by giving your best at church, whether it is in the EBI, you are going to bless and teach the children with love, if you are in the church you are going to take care of the people, if cleaning you are going to do it with joy and well done. 

The word of God says: “Whoever keeps the fig tree will eat its fruit; So he who waits on his master will be honored.” Proverbs 27:18 Do you want to serve God as an assistant, then give your best, otherwise you may be an assistant of the church, because you have a uniform, but not an assistant of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I so agree because serving God it means serving Him with everything because a servant never says what she thinks but she does what the master says

Anonymous said...

This has just made me fear the way I have been serving is out of duty not love at all, will put this in practise from now.


asive said...

Ohhh mom Tania this is really me whom you to,then how do i come out of this situation,ive identified the problem but i do not have strength to do what i am suppose to do.what do i do????

Saziso said...

What I understand is the importance of always giving my best when it comes to the work of God. Its better to serve God without a title but doing my best, than be an assistant of the uniform.

Tania Rubim said...

Hello Asive,
theres this Bible verse that will help
"listen, my son, and be wise, and set your heart on the right path" Proverbs 23:19

God is not condemning, thats why He calls us "son"

now for us to be wise, we must fear God, "Proverbs 1:7"

by doing that we'll be able to be wise and so everthing that comes to our hands to be done
we will do it naturally, pleasing God, and Glorifying His name.

Briony Bangura said...

I am really understanding that my spiritual life is the result of the things I do and the way I behave. I am going to take the advice above and give my best because I am serving God. I do not want to be in the uniform helping the church but serving my God.

ms guni,england said...

For many years I used to hate being assistant because of bad testimony I saw some people do. I now years later wanted to serve only give my best not look at others

Lerato Maidi said...

I think we all start serving God with our all, even the assistants who are not giving a good service to God started out like this. But unfortunately some allow themselves to get used to serving in the church, to the point where the fear of God starts fading away. So I take it that this post is to remind us to always give our all in serving, and with the fear of God in us, we will always seek to give our all when serving Him.

Mitchell said...

I am a newly raised assistant and this post though its old, it is a good direction to me and I will always put an effort to serve my God with my all.. In all

Thank so much for this inspirational post and may God use more abundantly.

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