Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How to return to your First Love?

Do you remember when you came to the church and met the Lord Jesus?
It was all so wonderful, you were so thirsty to learn, to know the bible, you saw everything with pure eyes, the people, campaigns, purposes.
You would not even dare to have a bad thought about the pastor or wife because you saw them in holiness and fear, your desire was to speak of Jesus to the world, even if you where called a fanatic.
You wanted to go to church every day, wanted to participate in everything, vigils, evangelizations, social work, your family would even say, take your bed to church and sleep there!
You always showed up to help with something, you where anxious for the pastor to ask you to do something and you felt blessed when that happened.
There was disposition, joy, you thought it was little and always wanted to do more, you were not tired nor had time for bickering. Furthermore you would make an effort to please God in everything.
But over time, which has been an enemy of many, you stopped practicing your first love.
You started slowly moving away from the first works and cooled in faith.
With that came bad fruits and now you have no interest in the things of God.
Seeing men and women of God with bad eyes, having malice, having no pleasure in helping in any way, going to church pushed, because you have no desire to go.
Now your heart is discouraged, full of impurities and bad feelings that she has accumulated over the years.
In short, she lost her first love, she turned away from the fire that is the Holy Spirit and is therefore empty and turned off.
Friend, do you want to go back to your first love? Then go back to the practice of your first works.
“Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place—unless you repent.” Revelation 2:4-5


Anonymous said...

what you have said is so true, I noticed that people that left the church, started with the eyes and then the heart, and now are outside.

I have to watch myself constantly.

xoxo england

Siomara said...

That is verse strong we need to return in our first LOVE.. but in my case so many thing are happen to put me far from GOD but i ask HIM to renew my fist love and always ask HIM to show me how i can do more...

Saziso said...

Its hard to return to the first love after being so content with being far. I am so glad that we have gthese 21 days which not not only bring me back to the first Love, but take me so much more - beyond my first love.

shyani omrawoo said...

There are some cases where the devil always say to the person : you are okay now in your faith, you are strong don't be bothered about picking up that piece of paper from the floor, leave that chewing gum stuck there in the chair.....and so on

To disobey the devil do you know what i do?

I go and see where else in the Church is dirty for me to clean.

And you know what if you find the toilet needs to be clean, thank God for it. Clean it with a happy heart and sing : i know the devil does not like it but it's down in my heart: i have a joy joy joy down in my heart

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

Its really true when you say that time is enemy of many, because with time , we end up judging others, losing our love for God and His church...we give in to the voice of the world and shut God out and we grow very cold and weak in our faith.

Anonymous said...

This is strong. Thanks for sharing.


Dona Tania, this a powerful blog. I am glad that I came to it. I would like to share with you that yesterday I was blessed and Baptised with the Holy Spirit. The love this blog describes is exactly what I have now and the thought of ever losing it is scary!!! I cannot even imaging someone blessed with this much to lose it...I am going to do my part to keep this fire going and to be ALERT!!! and pray for the ones who have it to not lose it but nourish it be nourished by Him! God bless you Dona Tania, you are very Special to us!!

Tania Rubim said...

Thank you Dilma, God bless you too.
Kisses to all

Sheila- Dublin said...

This is very strong mrs. Tania thank you for sharing

alisson zepeda said...

sra. tania, as many have stated, this is true, its a strong word, and personally, it happened to me. i started going to church everyday to help with anything!! and to faithfully attend the service for each day. as long as i was there i was happy, then the problems started to arise and i had no joy in going anymore, i just went because i felt it was an obligation. however, i became councious of this and i rejected that change and began looking for god more. thats when i recieved the holy spirit during YPG camp and my first love has come back, this time i will not loose it!!!!! and thank you for this word, it gives me more strengh. god bless!!!!!


PAOLA said...

Mis, Tania
I think this message is very strong, i have learned that the devil is persistent as time goes by he tries to plant with in us things that aren't of God trying to make us lose focus. this is why at times people grow colder in faith and begin to lose their first love, they begin to have less interest in spiritual things and no longer see the things of Gods with good eyes, this is why we need to be vigilant, and remain in our first love.

Genesis Cabrera said...

Thank you for this post, When we let other things be first in our life. And we start looking at everything differently, our First love starts fading. But is up to us to get back on track, and repent and come back to our first works.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is so true we need to do our best not to lose our first love.

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