Thursday, 16 August 2012

The character of woman of God Series #7


Justice is part of Gods character, He is just and is pleased when justice is served. So how is it possible for someone who says they are of God be unjust with their neighbor? Analyze carefully your actions, because many times the person who is being unjust doesn't even realize it, because they are judging and reacting according to their feelings.

This can happen frequently. Sometimes the same situation occurs with two different people, for example, a friend you admire and care for very much and then also to someone who you really don't along with. With your friend you are understanding, loveable, generous, you see everything with good eyes and you even disregard certain things you see that are not right. But with the other person you are remorseless, you judge her with no pity whatsoever, and you don't even think twice about punishing her.

Do you think that in the eyes of God that is just or fair? No. A person who is just, is that way all the time and with everyone, whether she likes it or not. She has a character that is fair and just and strives to make justice any which way, no matter who it may be.

“You decide”

“I feel very bad, a situation occurred with me, one of which I am very sorry for and I was punished for it with no mercy, no rights or explanations. I was very sad but I left it in Gods hands. As it weren't enough though, some time passed and someone I know did the same exact thing I did, but her case was treated very differently, the same people who judged me, since they were her friends, knew how to understand her, listen to her, and she ended up being treated simply like a victim, and nothing happened to her. Why does God allow those things to happen? The treatment should be the same for both of us.”


Kuhlekonke Mashazi said...

dear mrs Tania
this is so true, sometimes we become unjust towards others we treat people differently because of their status or background. we forget we should love one another and that we are all sinners no one is perfect..the best thing to do is to help one another as this really pleases God

Yinka said...

Honestly through reading this I see that there ate times were I do show injustice so if people did the exact same thing wrong to me I could treat one more harshly than the otherd because they are not my friends or because I dont speak to one of them as much ...

unami said...

God is just, so should we be with our actions towards others whether they are our friends or not - this is very powerful Mrs Tania because sometimes you can be unjust to others without even noticing it because of ignorance to our actions and attitudes. We have to be watchful of the way we handle situations not unjust but just as God is just

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