Sunday, 12 August 2012

Living in Holiness

What is holiness? Is it praying and reading the Bible all day or staying in church every day?
Living in holiness is the person honoring God in everything she does, in the simple details of everyday life.
It is the person striving to please God with their actions, their words, their way of being, their eyes, their character, their thoughts.

Many think they live in holiness, by the mere fact of not living in sin, not committing adultery, theft, death, physically they do nothing wrong, but what about the heart, what is happening inside where nobody sees?
The heart is sometimes full of hurt, hate, envy, revenge, gossip.
So what's the point to maintain pure in body and not in spirit, it serves no purpose, because the interior will eventually corrupt the exterior.
Do not be deceived, living in holiness is not to be a fanatic or live in the church, but rather to honor God with our whole life.
“but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct,” 1Peter 1:15


Anonymous said...

unforgiveness,pride, anger and all inner sins were my biggest battle. the only person i hurt was me.

neetu said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
When i was new in my faith,i had so many dirt inside of me.Instead of asking God to remove these grudges,envy,hate i used to pray for God to give me His Spirit.And nothing happened.I wasn't who i seem to be on the outside.But when i determined to change,God brought the change inside out of me and i watch my heart,not allowing anything to pollute me.

Simone Mcfarlane said...

I thought I was holy because I had a lot to do all I the time. I was given a lot of things to do and I was doing the Work of God but the problem was I was doing it with my own strength and thinking I don't need God's strength. My inner sin was perhaps the worse of all because it was pride. I thought I was special, I thought I didn't need God and within no time at all I only had time to pray in services and then something quick and meaningless at home. So without the strength of God I decided to depend on myself, and I started to lose responsibilities I had but I was so proud I didn't even see this as a reason to go running to God but I thought this means physically I have to do more and begun to reject myself spiritually even more !!
I got frustrated and everything I done was never good enough. I am a pledge in sisterhood and was struggling to keep up with the tasks and do what is expected of me. I am in the youth group and finding it so hard to do what was required of me, everything was just sooo hard.
Then one day I hit rock bottom, I lost another responsibility but this time my pastors wife said I needed to focus on myself. I didn't really understand when she first said it, she said I should focus on nothing but my spiritual life. This broke and humbled me and now I really thank God it happened. I was like Martha and God was shouting to me "be like Mary and chose the good part" and as I started seeking more I started seeing how much I needed to change. Before I was even going church and saying change me but I didn't really see the need to change. God broke me and showed me what holiness is... Not to do a lot but be connected to Him through who I am, so the qualities and character that was found in God must be found in me.

Thank you Mrs Tania for sharing.
Smile & Shine

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Mrs. Tania. You have just answered my questions. Many times I used to think holy is as exactly as you said before that many people think and I was wrong, but truly to be holy is everything mostly when no on sees you indeed except Him

Carole Basseck

naomi boketsu said...

This justs shows that we always need to examine our interior if we don't the xterior will eventually become affected. Many times it is easy to take care of waht we see on the outside or what others see. If we don't dont care our our interior we are heading to a downfall and troubke if we are not careful. thnak you for this message

Jennifer said...

Holiness is who we are and not what we do. We can do everything "right" in the church, but that does not mean that we are holy. Your message makes it clear.

Benedicta said...

Through teachings, I have now learned to evaluate my interior. My fight everyday is to please God and make sure that I'm holy in the right way. Serving him in sincerity and truth. We need to watch and pray so that God can show us which area of our lives we are not being holy and fix it right there and then. This is really a great revelation. Thank you Mrs

Beatha Shipopyeni said...

When I first came to the church I was so dirty inside my heart, I had a lot of things going on inside, jealousy, hate, anger, envy, gossip, loneliness, pride etc., and it was killing me deeply and to top it all I use to be depressed because I seek the holy spirit and he never came upon me, until I realised I needed to change first and that's when I got a new and clean heart from God and I changed totally.

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