Thursday, 5 July 2012

Picture with a message - Special Day

Last month I went with Sisterhood and V-Woman to visit a nursing home for the elderly.

What occurred was amazing, not only for them, as they felt blessed by our visit, but for all of us as well, we felt just as blessed to have the opportunity to share with them what God has given us. Many of them don't have families, and some do, but they never visit them, some are sick, and other feel lonely.

We prayed with them, distributed many bibles, sung and even danced with them, they were beyond excited, we took many pictures with them and decided that in our next visit we'd do a nice craft with their picture included.

After all the fun activities, we had the opportunity to chat with them personally, and the story of an American lady called my attention very much, she even seemed different then the rest. She was a missionary in Asia and she never married, when we wanted to know why she answered "... Because I never found anyone who had my same calling and I wasn't going to allow anyone of impeding me of fulfilling my desire of serving God.." These were her words.

The truth is she was different, in her eyes there was a different shine, she was healthy and excited about life, in her face there was no bitterness or discouragement, the Holy Spirits joy shined through her.

In the end they took us to their garden, it was beautiful. They didn't want us to leave, they were amazing! These people need our attention, a word of affection, to be shown a pleasant time, they need to know someone cares about them, and realize that they are not alone, that they still have Gods love.


Marcia said...

I bet it was a lot of fun!!!

Vuyiswa Matobela said...

Wow thats so nice of you, it all looks amazing.!!!!

mariteszuleta said...

Hi Mrs.Tania,
Thank you for sharing this "Special Day"
Wow that was really so special for them,to have fun with them and to be with them..

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