Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The character of woman of God Series #4


Today we are going to talk about a very small part of our body that can cause very big and irreplaceable damage when not used correctly.

First of all, think of someone indiscreet, gossipy, someone who can't hear or see anything that happens around her, because she can't keep anything to herself, it's almost as if her tongue craves to tell everyone around her.

And just like that, she does these things just for the pleasure of doing them, or to prove to everyone that she knows what's going on, always.

But the truth is, the real reason why this person is the way they are is actually irrelevant, what's important is to understand that they cannot be trusted, and flee from this kind of person. If you notice, you'll see that many people who surround her often stay quiet, why so? And those who draw near to her want to know something, as they know she will always be ready to tell them and share the gossip.

This attitude is very ugly and the worst part is that the person isn't even able to realize that this is not part of the character of God, because to her it's become normal and even pleasing.

If you want to be trusted, someone who people feel safe when expressing or sharing something serious, then be discreet.

"You decide"

"I have a friend that has disappointed me a lot, I trusted her and even confided in her my secrets, I shared with her almost my entire life, but now I have realized that she shared them with other friends, and I even had a problem with one of them. I don't know what to do, because I still enjoy her friendship and we've been friends for a really long time, but now I don't feel comfortable, I can't trust her. I'd like to help her but I don't know how. Sometimes I think I should tell her she's wrong, other times I think I should just stay away from her. Please, what should I do?"


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Tania!

It is so true! Discretion is a virtue that is really admirable. It is often hard to keep our mouth shut to things that are not necessary to be spoken. It is hard to exercise discretion not only in the way we talk but in every area of our lives. So I think only the women of great character know how to be discrete, and when to be discrete. - Melody Habla, UCKG PHIL

Genesis Cabrera said...

Hey Mrs. Tania,

I know people like this, and I stay away from them. Because is just not good, Discretion is a quality that is very valuable to me. And I have gone through the same experiences, and I learned to stay away from people like that and to pray because at the end of the day God does justice.

unami said...

Its very true that discretion is an admirable virtue in a woman, a woman who is not discreet can not be trusted and nobody loves to be close to such a person.

Ironica said...

Being discreet is another word of being reliable if one lacks this character then how can they be reliable to God

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