Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mini Novel "Ziva" 2 - New Beginning

Leila still stunned by the blow that she took, ran to her house to tell her mother what happened.

"Mother, mother, come quick, you do not know what happened," said Leila breathless and barely able to breathe, she was crying.

When her mother heard Leila’s anguish from inside the house she could know that something terrible had happened, she threw the dress that she was embroidering and went to meet her daughter.

"What happened my daughter? Where is your sister?" Said the mother with her heart beating.

"Mother, the Syrian soldiers took Ziva, I try to stop them, but I could not, they took my sister in captivity," Leila lamented with her face covered with tears.

"Come Leila, let's pray our God will not forsake your sister, she is a woman of great faith and I know that the God of Israel will keep her and protect her.

Meanwhile, Ziva was watching her beautiful city stay behind, her eyes full of tears shined like crystals, she didn’t know where she was going and to think that she would not see her family any more worried her.

In her mind there was a whirl of thoughts going on, where would she go, when would she see her family again, all were unanswered questions.

The soldiers were going rapidly until they reached the house of Naaman, general of the Kings Syrian’s army, were they left the young Ziva.

"What is your name young lady?" Said the housewife.

"Ziva, ma'am," replied still teary-eyed.

"You'll be my servant, come and I’ll show you your room," said the wife of the commander.

The room had a small wooden bed and a nightstand, a small window in the wall, with a beautiful view of the garden.

Ziva laid on her bed and started talking to God: "Lord, what is your purpose for me in this house? What did I come to do here, help me, my God; I need you to give me strength to overcome this situation.

That night Ziva was unable to sleep well, she could not stop thinking about her family; the memories of her day to day did not go out of her head.

When she woke with the sun streaming through the small window, she thought she was home, but soon she remembered everything that had happened.

She got up and got dressed, she suddenly remembered that Leila always did a braid in her hair and laughed together before leaving to the well.

But soon she returned to reality and left to begin her work, she went straight to the kitchen but when she smelled the bread it was impossible not to think about her mother. The mind flew far away.

"Good morning Ziva, you woke up early, did you sleep well? Ziva did you hear me?" Asked the lady for the second time.

"Oh, yes, my lady," she replied scared to be present in body but far away in her thoughts.

"Today I'll show you your duties, do not worry I will not give you heavy work."

"Do not worry ma'am, I am here to serve and do my best."

"We will prepare breakfast for my husband, he is sick, he needs some care, I'll show you how."

Naaman was an important and influential man, a confidant of the king of Syria, but had a big problem, he was a leper.

The days went by and Ziva was developing well in her domestic chores, her masters had affection for her, she was so helpful, considerate and selfless, she conquered the heart of Naaman and his wife, Ziva was different, she had something captivating, but they did not know what it was.

Continues on Monday


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