Thursday, 5 April 2012

That darn rat!

If you've lived in a house that has rats, then you very well know their behavior, during the day or when there are people around, they don't show up, but as soon as the sun begins to set they begin to come out of their hiding places and damage things.

You only find out that there are rats after the damage has been done. You begin to boil inside with anger and you loose all patience until you've throwing them all out of your house! You wouldnt allow them to continue to destroy your things and so you try to kill them in every which way possible; Posion, brooms, traps, and without a doubt you'll try everything and anything you can, and you'll even search for new ways to extinguish that rat!

Now analyze your life, observe how it is, the damages the devil has caused, how he has destroyed your family, your health, your spiritual life, your finances, and how he even attacks your mind. Now you've discovered your enemy, go against him with all your fury. Stop blaming others, or the place where you are at, or even the situation, and fiercely attack your enemy and don't settle until he has been completely destroyed and until you've eliminated him completely.

Of course, only those who are completely fed up with the situation had the courage and willingness to do this, cowards prefer to keep their hands behind their back and think that they're problems are normal. Because who doesn't have problems right?
Those who think like this will
Never be able to destroy the enemy of the contrary they adapt to him.

They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for "people are slaves to whatever has mastered them." (2 Peter 2:19 NIV)


Ophelia Ogunsakin said...

Hello Ms Rubim,
This message really speaks to me.
Many people like to complain and blame others for the problems or misfortunes
they face in their life.
Complaing doesn't solve the problem we
have to take direct action.
The devil is capable and prepared to do all that it takes to destroy our lives and take possesion of our soul.
For this reason we must always attack the devil with full force and power.
In order to do this a person must have God's spirit.
We cannot just sit down and fold our arms and wait for God to answer our prayers. We must be strong in spirit and always fight the devil.

God bless you for a wonderful eye opening message

Aline Calixto said...

Many people are having their lives destroyed, but insist on finding it normal, or up to fighting, but against the wrong person.
Meanwhile devil continues playing with it, causing the damage and hiding, like a rat.

Anonymous said...

I now look at me first and have stopped pointing fingers.

Tamara Awarieta said...

Good evening Mrs Tania,

We have to be revolted and fight against the enemy. The enemy will try all sorts of tactics to bring us down. So instead of blaming others and allowing the problems to continue, we should take our anger out on the problem until it's has been solved.

Thank you for this message.

Tombi said...

Dear Mrs Tania,

The rat example is the way we must attack the problems that come our way. As the rat hides so do certain situations in our lives, even a behaviour that is not godly, but when identified one should go with all spiritual ammunition to change that conditon and overcome the devices of the devil.

Esmeralda Orozco said...

hello Ms. Tania,

I agree with you, but sometimes we are so caught up with our situations that it blinds to the point of not knowing the big mess the
rat has done to our home. There'e even times when we know the rat is there and we dont want to deal with it. The devil blinds us by telling us that everyone around us are going through problems, and that its something normal. We dont have the correct instruments to fight it. The right poisen and correct weapon to kill this rat is with God and his word

Boitumelo Ruth Dikole said...

the example of the rat is very good. The devil is exactly like a rat he destroys and he does so silently until you see the great damage he has done. We have to stop looking for excuses why our lives are not the way we want and do everything and anything to keep the rat(devil) out of our houses(lives).

Nothando said...

Dear Mrs Tania

We know that the devil likes to disguise himself, we are also aware that he is behind every problem and hard situations, that is why we need to fight with all the weapons of faith and destroy all his works in our lives.We only have and serve one master Jesus Christ and the devil has no share.

Nothando said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tania said...

Dear Mrs. Tania, rats multiply very fast, if you don't take measures to kill them, when you open your eyes you have a gigantic infestation that is out of control! The same happens with the devil, if you don't fight back right away, he will quickly make sure to destroy your life, so that you don't have strength to raise up again.
We can never fold our arms!

Roberta oliveira said...

Dear Mrs. Tania
Really only for the devil to act in one's life when she rebels against the devil and against the situation, and some up to the devil with all his strength to defeat him.

Jennifer said...

For us to be able to combat the problem,we need to identify the culprits. We need to be able to see them. They cannot hide forever. We cannot allow our problems to enslave us; we have the power and authority over them.

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