Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So different and so alike!

We are from different places, and we were raised with different kinds of education and each one has their life story and their peculiar personality traits.
If you analyze it from this point of view we are truly very different., but there is something that makes us very much the same; our faith and our goal in life.
We all believe in the same God and we all desire to win souls, and to help people and take them to know more about faith in Jesus Christ.
And this is what unites us, it's what makes us have the same thoughts and to fight for the same objective and walk in the same direction.
If you want to have true friends, you have to keep in mind that it's only possible to do have them in the midst of people with the same faith, because only then will you speak the same language, there won't be confusion nor conflict because what makes is different are small superficial things, but our spirit is the same, which is the most important.
These are the friends worth spending time with, because they too please God and they have something to add on to our lives. Everything that makes you feel bad, goes against your faith and that goes against your principals, you can be sure that it is not good.
Be wise while choosing your friends, many have left their faith as a consequence of bad influences. We need to be radical and put an end to friendships that put at risk our salvation. Be friends with those who are friends with God.
Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered, (Proverbs 22:24 NIV)


Anonymous said...

I choose to be alone as I have made bad friends in the past.

Nothando said...

Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character(1st Corinthians 15vs33)The word of God warn of friends that are not in the same faith with us. We may have discipline and good morals but if our friends lack these qualities, they can corrupt our faith and automatically our salvation will also be put to risk.

zanele plaatjie said...

There is a saying that says " show me your friends and I will tell you who you are" When we are committed to God we don't allow anything or anyone to compromise that relationship not even friendships.

tania said...

Dear Mrs Tania, it is so true, for a Christian our Only and True friend is Jesus. And if we chose to have friends in this world, the best way is to chose those who are in the same faith, otherwise it will surely not work. Everyone else, will be people we know, souls we need to save to Jesus...
God bless you.

Roberta oliveira said...

And true enough Miss Tania
And what the Lord Jesus taught us is watch and pray, friendships plays a key role in our lives so that we can not mislead our lives one minute, our salvation is our treasure.

Boitumelo Ruth Dikole said...

Usually a person's character is judged by the company he keeps. the best friend we can ever have is Jesus.

Jennifer said...

This shows that the centre of true friendship is our spiritual life. When we have the same faith and share the same goals, even if we look completely different from each
other, we are alike.

vania said...

Hi Mrs. Tânia.
It`s true the best way to protect our faith is to avoid people who do not not divide the same faith as ours.
Most of my friends they are of the same faith have,and we have the same goals, to win souls, but when one of them abandons the faith there is no way to keep our friendship.

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