Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mini Novel Aksah- The Wedding

The days were going very slow, everyone was eager for news, what was happening in the battlefield? But everyone was sure that God would give victory to Israel.

It was early morning and Aksah was still asleep when she heard from afar the sound of the cavalry, she raised her head, saying: - "It can only be them, our army returning from Kiriath, I must go fast and see."

Caleb was out of his tent and was trying to see something; Othniel was coming riding the first horse, coming near Caleb’s tent.

"Othniel, nephew, tell me that you have returned with victory."

"Kiriath Sefer is ours uncle, God gave it to us.

Meanwhile Aksah was spying behind the curtains, her will was to go out, but she held herself together.

"My daughter you can start preparing everything for your wedding, Othniel has come back and I will deliver what I had promised."

The news spread quickly and the preparations for the big day began .

Some mounted the new tent for the ceremony, while the maid servants were in charge of the menu and to have all the necessary food for the feast.

Aksah was thrilled with her dress, it was all handmade, the seamstress had the greatest care with it, it was beautiful. It was all silk embroidered with crystal accents, worthy of a princess. Aksah couldn’t wait to wear her dress.

"You'll be the prettiest bride, my daughter, Othniel will be baffled when he sees you," said her mother caressing Aksah’s face.

A few days before the wedding Othniel went to see Aksah, he held her hand for the first time, "Aksah, I am very happy that you are going to be my wife, I feel blessed."

"Othniel, you are very brave, a man of God, I know I will be happy with you by my side, I see the hand of God in our lives and I hope to be the wife that you deserve," said Aksah with her eyes fixed on the promise.

They said goodbye, they wouldn’t see each other until their wedding day. The preparations were proceeding, everyone in the camp was involved in this great celebration, everyone helped in some way, and everything was almost ready.

The tent was in the middle of the courtyard, covered with a white and gold fabric. There was a path of white and purple flowers; the aroma was in the air. The maid servants had already prepared the banquet, the tables were beautiful and the food exquisite.

The guests were arriving, Caleb walked from side to side, Akah was on her finishing touches, her mother helped her, she looked radiant.

"It's time my dear, hold on to me by my arm, the groom is waiting," said Caleb kissing her daughter.

The two left the tent, everyone was happy with this union, Akah was heading towards Othniel who looked dazed, the marriage was performed and the party lasted until the next day. There was music, dancing, food and happiness.

Caleb kissed them both and said, "I will give you a land in Negev as a gift, so you can begin your lives and your family, May God bless and prosper you"

The next day, Othniel and Aksah were preparing everything to continue their journey, they were very excited for a new beginning, but had no idea what awaited them when they reached the new land...

(Continued on next Monday)


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