Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mini Novel Aksah- A brave recruit

Aksah was born and raised in the dessert, a time when the people of Israel walked out of Egypt towards Canaan, the Promised Land. She grew up in difficult times, she spent her childhood and adolescence going back and forth with her family, without having a place to rest or to live.

That made her a strong and brave woman; the example of her father Caleb had a great influence in forming her bold and fearless character.

Aksah was very beautiful to the point that Caleb offered her hand in marriage, to who conquered the city of Kiriath Sepher.

No father would give his daughter to just any man, the one who would take the city, inhabited by giant warriors, would show a brave and courageous character, and therefor would also show that he deserves to marry Aksah.

"I know my daughter, Aksah is a brave woman, she needs a warrior by her side, so I made this challenge," said Caleb to his friends.

Othniel could not miss this opportunity, he was interested in the trophy, Aksah was a woman that every man dreamed of having and he had already shown an interest. So he set out and went to speak Caleb.

"Uncle Caleb, I'll take Kiriath Sepher, this city is ours, Aksah is my blessing and I will fight for it," says Othniel with his hand on his chest, as if making a promise.

"I count on your courage Othniel, it will be my pleasure to give my daughter to you; you are my nephew and a God-fearing man."

At that moment Aksah left the tent with a beautiful blue dress, around her waist was a belt of gold silk, her brown curly hair shined in the sun, over which emphasized her beauty.

When Othniel saw her he was deafened before her beauty, her features were strong and delicate at the same time; he could not stop staring at her.

Just thinking that he could have her as his wife; gave him more courage to conquer the city of giants.

"Come my child, you face the man who is willing to take Kiriath Sepher, your cousin Othniel will go to battle."

Aksah blushed, and looked discreetly at Othniel, her heart beat stronger, she stood before the man who could be her future husband. She grew up listening to her father talk about the bravery of Othniel in every battle and felt an admiration for him.

"May God be with you Othniel and give you victory in this battle, May you bring back victory to our people," said Aksah without trembling her voice, with all confidence that characterized her.

"Excuse me, I will withdraw, we will be in prayer," she added.

Aksah withdrew, wishing to conceal her excitement, Othniel pleased her, but she was not one of those girls who her enthusiasm betrayed , so she entered the tent and began to jump of joy, she put her hands together and closed her eyes, saying, " Thank you my God, I'm glad it’s Othniel, bring him back safe and sound. "

They grew up together and had many things in common and one of them was the faith in God and the courage they had learned from Caleb.

The day chosen to attack Kiriath Sepher was coming , Othniel walked concentrated in preparing everything in detail, it would be a dangerous war, everyone needed to get prepare, Othniel had to come back alive ...

Continues next Monday.


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