Thursday, 12 April 2012

Picture with a message

Hey friends!

From now, on Fridays I am going to publish a personal picture together with a message, I hope you all like it!

Here goes the first one:

I left my parents house when I got married, I was only 20 years old, of course my dad thought I was too young to get married, and that I should wait a few more years to

Do so. The truth is dads are never Ready to give their daughters to another man in marriage, because they feel a large sensation of

Loss, they would love to always have their daughters close to them.

In the same way it happens when you want to marry God and decked to give yourself completely to Him, you have to abandon your old life, you know what's right and you're ready to do it, but your flesh wants otherwise. Your flesh will always tell you to wait just a little bit more and that you have to try and take "advantage" of your life, your youth, have fun, enjoy life, that it's too soon and when your older you can then dedicate yourself completely to God.

Know that your flesh will never be ready for this moment because it goes against all that pleases your flesh.

This is what the flesh suggest you to do but the moment is now, what are you waiting for to marry your groom, Jesus Christ, are you going to leave Him waiting on the altar?

“Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39 NIV)


Anonymous said...

This so beautiful, you look like a princess.



Jennifer said...

Very inspiring. This is always the case. When something is right for us and we are about to make the right decision, then the flesh rebels; negative thoughts surround us; negative influences surround us. But if we want to live true life, then we need to surrender it to God, and trust that we will indeed receive greater than what we are losing.

Boitumelo Ruth Dikole said...

this si so true Mrs Tania

It is never easy to deny your flesh and dedicate your life completely to God but once you do that the reward is greater than anything we can ever imagine- salvation. the devil also fight really hard for us not to achieve this but if we also put a constant fight we overcome our fleshly desires and the evil one.

Thank you Mrs Tania, nice touch of personal pictures by the way!

zanele plaatjie said...

This is very true Mrs. Tania

Many people are delaying to give themselves to God saying they will only surrender when they are older and they have enjoyed themselves little do they know that the enjoyment of the flesh never finishes because this is actually how the devil is working to still their souls. The only way is to sacrifice what our flesh desires.

Thank you

Ophelia Ogunsakin said...

Hello Mrs Rubim,

Firstly can i say how beautiful you look on your special day.

Thank you for this message it has been really inspiring to me.

So many people in and out of church are delaying giving their life to God.
They can only see what they will have to give up, their old life and maybe the sins they commit. Their lives are being completely controlled by their flesh and their heart.
And the devil takes great delight in this, as he knows that this is the way he can steal a person's soul.

What the people must realise is that God is offereing us the greatest reward his spirit and our salvation.
But for us to receive this we must surrender our souls completely to him.

Our flesh will always try to delay us from giving and surrending our lives to God.
But we are running out of time because he is coming back and we will never when.
We must take the decision to surrender our lives to God now before our time runs out.

God bless you Mrs Rubim for this strong message.

Nancia London said...

This is very true there was a time when i thought that i should leave thet presence of God and go and "enjoy life" and come to serve Himagain when am older.My flesh was alwasy telling that I should enjoy worldly things. i grew up in church so i didnt go out raving like my friends did and so i was thinking that I lost .
I don't regret the way I was brought up and will not change it if i could.I have made the decision to truly serve God and I must say it is the most fun ever. He is always there for me and never lets me down .Also who was I to think that I would have time to come back to Him? I live everyday as if it is my last.
Thanks for the message Mrs.Tania

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