Monday, 16 April 2012

Mini Novel Aksah- The surprise

Aksah and Othniel were heading to a new land, which Caleb gave them as a wedding present.

They took with them; some servants, their personal belongings and wedding gifts they received from friends and family. The journey was very pleasant; the two were making many plans for the future, talking and laughing while watching the scenery.

The mountains seemed like a beautiful backdrop, its size was unbelievable and they were so close that it looked like a huge painting, with its well defined lines and all the perfection of a true artist.

"Oteniel, I am very happy and excited, I just want to arrive soon and be able to get all my stuff in place," said Aksah looking troubled to all sides.

"Of course dear, everything will be as you like, it is in your hands," said Othniel admiring her inspiration.

"Yes, I brought some beautiful fabrics of various colors for our tent, our room will be red, I bought cushions detailed with crystal and a white embroidered bedspread, which you will love!" Aksah could not stop speaking, she was imagining every little detail, until she was overcome with exhaustion and slept on her husband’s shoulder.

The night was coming so they had to stop to sleep, the horses also needed to rest and feed.

The next day the sun came out with all its splendor, it seemed to be inviting everyone to awake, Aksah did not want to waste time, she wished to get to her destination as quickly as possible, that is why she was the first to get ready and rush the others.

Their journey continued, they were a little tired, but the enthusiasm had not been diminished, they were anxious to arrive.

"Ahhh, careful, stop the horses," shouted one of the servants.

"What happened, we cannot stop, we must continue" said Othniel.

"My Lord, the carriage in front of us broke the front wheel and we should stop to fix it."

Meanwhile Aksah came out her carriage and admired her surroundings, sitting on a rock she closed her eyes and began to remember when she was a child and traveled toward the Promised Land, everything came back to her mind, the countless stars in the sky during the night, laughter of children, the enthusiasm and courage of her father, everything passed through her mind as if it was a movie. And now she was traveling, but with her husband to a new beginning and this brought her much hope.

“Aksah, Aksah come we are ready."

She heard that voice far away, and didn’t want to open her eyes, she was so pleased remembering her childhood, but soon remembered what awaited her, she got up and ran to Othniel.

"Come on dear, there’s only little time left, we want to arrive before nightfall."

Aksah fell asleep on the way again, when she opened her eyes still a little sleepy she saw their new land and immediately opened her eyes and asked: "have we arrived Othniel, have we arrived?"

"Yes, we are now in the Land of the Negev, our new home."

"Wow, what a fascinating place, there is so much land here, and we can plant, our animals have enough space here," said Aksah spinning around with open arms as if she were a young girl.

Everyone began to build their tents; they needed some sleep because the next morning there was much work ahead of them.

The next day everyone worked hard, and it was worth it, everything was in order and Aksah’s tent was beautiful.

Othniel invited Aksah to go on a walk around to see their new place and it came to their surprise to discover that there were no rivers around, there was no water.

"Othniel, there is no water here, talk to my father we cannot stay on dry land, what will become of our animals and our crops would not survive, we will starve to death."

"But Aksah, your father has given us this land, he fulfilled his promise, I cannot demand more."

Aksah was not conformed, and now what will happen, what would become of their future in a dry land?

Continues next Monday.


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