Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mini Novel Aksah-The daughter of a hero

The Objects of war were all over the camp, swords, spears, armors and shields.

It was times of war and conquest, the greatest interest of those times were in the lands. Everything depended on them, home, food, financial security, politics and the ability to raise a family.

Caleb was with the people of Israel to expand his territory, he was undoubtedly a brave man, an example of vitality and energy, he lived by faith, not by what he saw, but for what he believed in.

It was still dark when Caleb was preparing to leave to a new battle, it was cold outside, the ground was frozen and the wind blew from side to side.

"See you soon my dear, I'll be back soon," he told his wife.

"We will be in prayer, go with God," his wife said.

"God has given us victory in every battle, Israel now has a vast territory and the land of Hebron is yours today Caleb, because you have persevered in serving the Lord," said Joshua shaking Caleb’s hand.

Caleb was radiant; he inherited a piece of land between the sons of Judah, as God had commanded.

Caleb took possession of the land of Hebron with his family.

But the battle continued in search of more land, and a proposal had come:

"Who will attack Kiriath Sepher and capture it, I will give my daughter Aksah for a wife," promised Caleb.

The news spread and everyone knew Caleb’s words.

"Get ready my child, soon you will be a married woman," Aksah’s mother said smiling.

"Mom, I'm not anxious, but I want a man like my father, God fearing, brave and determined," said Aksah, in a firm voice.

"You look so much like your father, my daughter, you inherited many things from him, God will prepare everything," said her mother picking up Aksah’s hair.

It was a custom in those days for parents to arrange their daughter’s marriages, so Caleb's offer was not unusual.

Caleb was getting home when Aksah met him, - "Father, do you have a volunteer to conquer the city of Kiriath Sefer? I need to know who is brave enough to accept the challenge."

"Yes, my daughter, we have a volunteer, we'll see if he can conquer the city," said Caleb excited.

"Tell me who he is father, I must know, it’s my future husband, please speak immediately," says Aksah surrounding her father, curious to know who he was.

(Continues next Monday)


Nancia ,London said...

Aksah said that she was not anxious but i can see that she was curious. Being overly curious can lead to anxiety.I have seenthis happen to me. LIke Caleb knew what was best for her God knows what is best for me . I should just wait for the right time to recieve what He has in store for me.Being too anxious or curious make me impatient and make me leave His presence and miss out on the blessings that were for me .
Thanks Mrs Tania

Lulama said...

Your time might be the right time to do and achieve things but God's time is the best time as He knows what's best for us. We might achieve something in out own time but most of the time it is short-lived, however if we achieve something in God's time it's an eternal blessing. Never be impatient or too anxious.

Nandipha CPT said...

Mrs Tania
Thank you for this message it makes me not to be impatient but to wait for Gods time cause he has best planz for me in his own time

Lungi Motsamai said...

Dear Mrs Tania
God has promised a better life for His people.We have to be patient and keep in faith that God will lead to greener pastures.Thank you for the message.
Kind Regards

Tamara Awarieta said...

When we put God first and wait on his time we shall conquer.

Thank Mrs tania for this message.

Boitumelo Ruth Dikole said...

God knows what is best for us that is why His time is always the best. Thank yo for the message Mrs Tania and God bless!

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