Friday, 30 December 2011

Christian dating series 16- what is the right age to have a boyfriend?

" I'm 14 years old. I've never had love related problems. I've never Had a boyfriend nor do I want one for now, but I am beginning to like this guy from church , I don't want to date him now as I know it wouldn't do neither of us any good. I find myself asking, what is the right age to begin to date and have a boyfriend, I don't want to rush things."

In reality, open relationships are very common now a days in teens, where all they are searching for is here and now, instant gratification, nothing serious, it's the experimental phase, and now the younger you are the better, there is no time to waste.

But, Christian dating is based on other concepts.

There isn't a certain age to begin to date, but you must be aware of the responsibility and be prepared to be in a relationship, you must have a certain intellectual and emotional maturity in order to begin dating.

Maturity leads to better and wiser decisions, based on care and respect and not just physical appearances, or popularity.

Dating at such a young age should also not interrupt studies. A Christian teen should date just to show everyone she has a boyfriend or to "try-out" dating, she should be aware and think if that

relationship will later on take a serious toll and lead to marriage in the future.

With that said, if you begin to date at 13 or 14 years old, know that you will have to wait several years before you will be able to get married and that could mean a longer dating time which represents some danger and temptations.

Many teens want to finish school, find a job, which is the right thing, but that means that you won't be able to get married soon, so both should analyze and reflect about your priorities and wait for the right moment, because marriage is a big responsibility.


Anonymous said...

VERY TRUE people mature at different time.

Anonymous said...

i think dating as a christian is okay as far as u abstain from immoral activities like fornication

Anonymous said...

This is very true. Emelda

Alex Splendor said...

wait until God prepares you a man that you're gonna marry

kin lim said...

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Max Sttalon said...

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