Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christian dating series 15- Anxiety

" I've been in the church for six years now, and I'm a very sad person in regards to my love life, I suffer a lot and I feel very alone and sad because I haven't found my other half. I feel like something is missing in my life, I'm afraid of becoming depressed, and my family suffers a lot seeing me this way."

The fear of being alone has affected a lot of women, they begin to panic in fear of not finding their other half, they begin to see the years pass by and they're still alone.

They begin to think that they will never be happy, and to blame themselves for not having been able to find the right person, and for not having good luck in their love life, and these negative thoughts begin to diminish your faith.

And that's not to mention the pressure that friends and family place on you with comments such as " you're not getting any younger, the clock is ticking."

Let's now answer the question from above to help all who are going through the same situation.

Truly what's missing in your life is an encounter with God, because even if you had a boyfriend if your relationship with God isn't good then neither will you feel good inside of you. Your self-esteem will be low, and you will still continue to feel that sensation of being empty and sad, and only the Holy Spirit can fill that void in your heart.

Please understand, it's not that you shouldn't fight for your love life, it's necessary of course, but first you must seek your spiritual well being, because if you don't then you'll never feel completely happy because no boyfriend can give you what God can give you. When you are spiritually strong in your faith and okay with yourself then you will be ready for a relationship and you will be completely driven by Gods will for your life. With these steps things can't go wrong. Because surely if you begin a relationship now with all the interior problems you have, it will only ruin that relationship.

Be aware that your love life depends on your spiritual life and not that your spiritual life depends on your love I've, if you've been living like this, then there is something wrong.

Do things in the correct order and that way you will be successful in all aspects of your life, restore your spiritual life and you'll see how God will bless you in your love life. Only then will you be ready to be happy and make your partner happy as well.

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Anonymous said...

I used to think the same way, but I now know what I was missing was the holy spirit.

Christian Dating said...

All the way, God is always there. Don't ever think that you are alone.

Thumeka Jezile said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

What i took is that even if i am getting old, i should wait for God to bless me in my love life. My' be the reason i have not yet found someone is because God is still preparing him for me

Susana Shivute said...

I was in a situation like this, I liked an assistant and i am not and assistants are not allowed to date members so i was so anxious to get raised and start dating im because i thought time was going, but I got helped and i am not liking this guy anymore and i happy with myself.
We must wait on God.

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