Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christian Dating Series 11- But he's of God

"There's this guy that likes me, but I don't feel the same way about

him, in reality I even feel bad for him. But he's of God, do you think

I'll be displeasing God if I don't date him?"

This happens a lot and also the contrary. How so? You may be asking.

First let's talk about the question above. The guy can be of God, but

not be the right person for you, because many factors must be

observed, such as compatibility, age and many more. If you don't like

him you should not date him. Even if he has the qualities of a man of

God, if you don't feel anything or him then you shouldn't take that

step to date.

How can you get married with someone that you feel bad for?

Not dating him will not displease God, you have to wait on God to send

the right person that will correspond to your feelings, you can't

marry someone you don't like. On the other side that man deserves a

wife that will love him in return the same way.

On the other side it happens that the girl doesn't pay close attention

when choosing, she thinks that because the guy comes to the church

then he is of God and she throws herself blindly, head first.

It can't be this way, just because he goes to church it does not mean

that he is converted or of God.

We must be aware, don't allow yourself to be guided by appearances,

you must be sure if the guy is truly of God, and this way avoid future


If you have gone through a situation like this, share with us your

experience leaving a comment below.


Anonymous said...

I dated a guy in the church only to be shocked as he was deeply addicated to porn. I immediately broke it of as he was using offensive language and wanted to sleep with me.

ntombifuthi said...

I have been with a guy merely because he was off God. However, things didn't work no matter how much we tried. There was nothing there, I had to call it off. Unfortunately these instances really hurt. It's much better not to get involved at all.

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