Monday, 10 October 2011

Christian Dating Series 1 – First step

I’ve decided to write about this topic since the majority of the emails I receive are in regards to orientations about dating; we are going to talk about several topics, because I believe that one person’s doubt can help many.

Certainly, Christian dating is very different in comparison to those who are not living in obedience with the Word of God.

So let’s see what is the first step you should take, is it choosing the right person? Wrong. I am sorry to say that if that is what you though then you are completely wrong.

The first step is to examine yourself, see if you are ready to be in a relationship at the moment, because if you are not okay spiritually speaking, surely you will choose wrongly and mess everything up.

Analyze how is your spiritual life doing ask yourself the following questions:

- Do you invest time with God on a daily basis?

- Do you depend on God completely in regards to your love life?

- Are you an example to all those around you?

- Are you spiritually strong, so much so that you are willing to follow God’s will for your love life?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, then you are ready for the next step, but if you notice that you are not spiritually ok, then you should first think about your relationship with God and later on consider dating. God want you to first have a commitment with Him, which comes above any human relationship you have.

Your success in your love life depends on your emotional well-being and your communion with God and not the other way around; so to say that your success with God depends on your love life.

Evaluate yourself so that you don’t misplace the order of things and consequently commit an error in your life.

Soon we will discuss the second stop!


Raisa Veras said...

This post is very strong and true. Makes you analyze a lot.

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Sibon said...

This is the foundation of a happy love life, our relationship with God and spuritual well being. I am looking foward to these series. I l.

Ongezwa Fefeza said...

Thanx Mrs Tania for the steps they are very helpful.

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