Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Christian Dating Series 2 – Choosing the right person

“ How can I know if it’s from God, if this is the right person? I

don’t want to make a mistake, how can I identify the right person?

When choosing you should depend on God, the girl who wants a blessed relationship should not take any action, without first praying to God and seeking His will. You should never start a relationship without first praying and waiting for God to confirm if it’s the right person for you. After this period of praying, if you are sure he is right for you, go ahead, if there is any doubt don’t take action or start something if you aren’t completely sure about it.

When your heart falls in love, you keep insisting, you keep praying,if not you take action, you give in to the passion, maybe you’re trying to win that person over with your own strength, because in reality you don’t want to do God’s will, you want to follow your heart and your feelings without using your reason.

Every time that you insist on doing something that is not God’s will,the consequences are disastrous, you begin to do things you shouldn’t and sooner or later you fall.

Sometimes you want something so bad, but so bad that you think you’re using your faith, but in reality you’re using your emotions, and there is no way for it to work out.

If you are confused, or lost you have to choose to pray, take into account God’s will. If you are sincere God will give you the strength to wait for the right person, without being anxious, without worrying about who has a boyfriend, or who just got married. It is better to wait for the right person at the right time, then to be rushed and possible destroy your own life.

Be aware of the following signs:

- The first thing you should watch for is to find someone of the same faith, people who marry someone with different faith, suffer a lot.

- Watch his actions, not just with you, but with everything

- Be attentive to your conversation, because the mouth speaks of what the heart is full of.

- See if he is truly converted. Being a member of the church doesn’t mean he is converted.

- If you see in him something bad; bad character, lying, betrayal, no fear in regards to God, don’t try to fix the problem, break up with him.

If God has shown you, and you continue praying and the situation is not getting better and things continue to get worse, break up with him, end the relationship, if it has no future all you’re doing is putting your salvation at risk. Many people are destroyed today because they married the wrong person, they’re far from God, and have lost their faith. Be careful, let God choose for you, He never fails.


Anonymous said...

love, love this topic, am actual writing notes down.

Love,from England

amelia vicente said...

This is very true Mrs Tania, we even demand that its that person thinking we are using our faith when in actual fact, its full of emotions.

I learnt that we as women need to be wise when making our choices, we cant give ourselves to someone to such a point we become blind to the dangers.

Learning to wait, for the right time just makes life easier for us because later on we wont be facing the worst relationship.

Sibon said...

I really appreicate these series to help us avoid marrying the wrong person and consequently destroying our life and jepodizing our salvation.

Ofentse said...

Amen! There is no better truth than this one... I thank God everyday for the role model i have in you Ms Tania...
May God bless you more as i always say

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