Sunday, 9 October 2011

To receive is better than to give!

Contrary to what the world says, look at what the Word of God shows us:
“It is more blessed to give than to receive. ” Acts 20:35
Have you noticed that the majority of arguments in between couples, friends and family members, are because one side is demanding and crying out loud for the other to give; give affection, attention, comprehension, to give in to their desires and so forth…? It seems as if the more the person receives, the more they want and the more they demand to receive from the person who is giving. What once was enough, with time looses its value
For example, when you were dating, you’d say; “ My boyfriend is so romantic, on my birthday he always gives me flowers.”
But after you got married and time passed by, now you say: “ My husband is not romantic at all, he only gives me flowers for my birthday and the rest of year, nothing!”
What you used to appreciate in the beginning now is not enough, you demand more, you want more.
They’re people whom only want to receive, but they never want to do anything for anyone else.
Maybe you want to be appreciated, remembered on your birthday, invited out by friends, you want to be admired, loved, but all of these things have a price and do you know what it is? You have to learn how to do all these things to others first.
To demand is easy, believe that you deserve it is very simple, but people must be corresponded to. When will it be your turn to “give”?
The day that you experiment how marvelous it is to give, you’ll never want to stop giving!
Usually, these people do the same with God, they demand everything from Him, but they are never willing to do anything for God. Everything God asks of them seems like it’s too much, too hard, and such a sacrifice but they don’t realize how great the blessing are!
When it’s time to ask, they ask with such strength and imposition, but when it’s time to five there isn’t even the minimal willingness.
Let’s wake up and see if we are not wanting to receive everything from everyone when in reality we are not giving anything!
This week do something different with a person who is close to you and leave your experience in a comment below. Don’t forget, it’s the little details that make a big difference.


Andiswa Mahobe said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

I will learn to Give more than i am receiving.

Chelcia Tavares said...

I'm a person that feel happy when gives more than receive , i lake to see people happy and feel useful . thank God day by day i am learning to be the deference that i want to see. may God bless you Mrs tania

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