Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Mother’s Mission – 7- Responsibility

The responsibility of educating your children, is without a doubt, yours my dear parents.

This task cannot be delegated to someone else, to the teachers at school, or to a teacher in the Kids Zone, to what they see on TV or learn in the streets.

It’s important for the parents to be active in the child’s life, know what they live, give them love and teach them things that will shape their character. You, parents, should also show them about having faith in Jesus and teach them how to obey God’s word.

Now a days there are parents who don’t’ have time for their children and so they try to fill the void with gifts and giving them everything they ask for and desire, this is not right, nothing can substitute the bonding time you share with your child, talking to them, teaching them something new, spending a day together, praying with them before going to sleep, they seem like small and insignificant details but they make the all the difference in the world, kids need this type of attention.

Maybe this is your case, you don’t know anything about your child, who their friends are, their favorite food, or even their favorite sport. Don’t think that the only responsibility you have with them is placing food on the table and clothes on their back. The role of a mother and father is much more than that; you are creating and educating a future adult, and requires a lot of work and dedication. This is why it is important to plan out your family life.


Anonymous said...

the parents need to teach there kids to obey God’s word when they are kids so in the future they become a great woman's and man of God .

chevel said...

I agree with this a lot. The only people I can say my younger sister has is me and her dad and the time that we spend to get to know is very valuable. As young as she is she understands a lot and in this stage of her life she needs people who are there to help her in anything she needs. I agree totally that the small things makes a big difference. The times that I spend with her lights up her face especially when we do things togeather. I will now start concentrating more and more on the small things. x

Lizzi Lynne Oni said...

When I think about my child's future, I really want the best for her.
I want to bring my daughter up not as a religious Christian, but I want her to know God for herself, this is my greatest desire for her.
I always try to be an example at home, in my marriage and at Church.
I ask her CBC teachers about her, I observe her with other children and people, I look at her ways and so on because she is my responsibility and I want to help her keep in God's way.

Anonymous said...

People should not have many children they can't afford as well.

In the faith

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