Monday, 22 August 2011

A mother’s mission 6 – Don’t trust

Unfortunately in the world we live in today, it would be of good use to have four eyes.

Children now- a- days are far more advanced, they wrap us around their fingers and do things right under our noses without us even noticing, so it’s necessary to be aware.

To all mothers I can say; don’t trust. Kids are capable of even lying as long as they get what they want, their curiosity is so wide, and extends so far, it has no limits. With that said, you need to be a mother who is more aware, I am going to give you some tips on how to do so:

- See who are your children’s friends- try to get to know them, know where they live and if possible even get to know their families. Many kids and youth are going down the wrong path due to the bad influences of their so-called friends.

- Verify what your kids are watching on television – there are shows that are not meant for their age. Don’t allow them to watch TV all day, they should be involved in other activities that contribute to their growth and development, such as sports, outdoor games, and even chores at home to learn how to be responsible.

- Know what they’re playing – when they get together with a group of friends anything can happen, specially if you’re not there, from a far keep an eye on them and observe what they’re doing and playing.

- Be careful with videogames – sometimes your life is so busy, you get home and you have a million things to do, and all you want is to get home and have some peace, so nothing better than to leave your child playing video games for hours?! That way he won’t bother you. Wrong, games now – a - days are so violent, it’s proven that many children are hyperactive and even aggressive because of these games. It’s be best if they didn’t have video games all together.

- Internet – the Internet can be dangerous for children and teens, don’t allow them to use it without your supervision. Children are innocent and curious, they don’t understand the dangers and they easily believe other and fall into traps. Be very careful.

Lets pay attention; sometimes things that look like they’re safe are harmful, and things that seem innocent and dangerous.

Open your eyes, don’t trust!!


Lizzi Lynne Oni said...

Sometimes even 'age-appropriate' shows or games are not good for our children.

I have heard some really 'strange' things from children's cartoons and seen them teaching things that go against our Christian faith. It is down to me to pay attention, to see what my child is watching, how she is behaving, her interests etc.

You are right Mrs Tania, we cannot trust these things!

I love these posts! Thanks for sharing x

Anonymous said...

very true am not a mother but this is very helpful indeed.


Anonymous said...

ohh what a blessing.

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