Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Mother’s Mission 5- Love vs. Discipline

So how to leave your feeling to the side? It’s necessary to be balance because no extreme is healthy.

Love and discipline must walk hand in hand because children need both. If you only give him love, the child will be mean, selfish and bad behaved. If he only has discipline, he will be cold and sad, like a robot; does everything right but have no feelings.

Love is essential for their development, but it must be accompanied by rules.

The mother must be firm when it’s time to correct him or her, fulfill her words, not show weakness, so that they can respect her, do to them what you promised you’d do if they misbehaved or if they did something wrong, this is what helps to form the child’s character. If you say you’re going to one thing and don’t, he will never obey you, since he knows there won’t be any consequences anyways, since he knows you don’t have courage to actually punish him.

At the same time though when it’s time to be affectionate, don’t save your hugs and kisses; it’s never too much! Children who feel loved are more confident and will know how to give back love and gestures of love to others as well.

We have the example of the prophet, Elijah, for not having disciplined his children and allowing them to do whatever they wanted in the house of God, all of them died. Elijah used his emotions of a father and couldn’t discipline them. This did not help his children or please God for that matter, and it brought terrible consequences.

“To discipline a child produces wisdom, but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child.” Proverbs 29:15


chevel said...

I have a younger sister and our mum passed away and this is something that I will definately take and use because as an older sister, sometimes I do not know how to help her but this post shows the steps I can take to help her. There would be times that I would not show her enough love and be a bit harsh at times but now I've learnt that I need to balance that out so that she does'nt grow being cold and resentful to me and others.

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