Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Mother’s Mission 10 – Persevering in prayer

Until know I have covered a few topics that can help you with your mission as a mother, but there are problems that are out of your reach, no matter how much you try to help your children, you cannot change the situation. This is when your supernatural faith comes in, what you can’t do, God can.

If your child has become rebellious, he only wants to be around bad company, has addictions, doesn’t obey you, and you feel you have done everything you possibly can, you’ve talked to them, showed them what’s right and wrong. You’ve given them love, you’ve even taken them to a psychologist and everything is still exactly the same or worse, then you have to fight this battle through prayer, so that God can make the miracle or transforming and delivering your child from evil. Never think to yourself that your child no longer has remedy, trust in God’s power and use your faith.

The Bible shows us an example of a Canaanite Woman whose daughter was completely possessed by evil spirits. She didn’t belong to the Jews and so she didn’t have any rights to receive the blessings, but she went after Jesus and cried to Him for help and even though that in the beginning Jesus didn’t pay much attention to her, her perseverance was so great that Jesus had to bless her. (Matthew 15:21-28)

Her love as a mother encouraged her to take an attitude of faith and fight until the end without giving up until she got what she wanted and needed.

What about you? Do you have faith to fight or are you trying to fix everything with your own strength?


Anonymous said...

This has spoken to me, am not a mother but has shown that Jesus wanted thta woman to use her faith not emotional faith.

Ms Guni

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