Friday, 8 July 2011

Temptation and sin

When the devil tempts a person he doesn’t show her the consequences of her sin, he only allows the person to see and feel the good side of it, and how it’s going to be pleasing to her flesh. After that you have fallen into sin then you see the consequences, but now how will you fix it?
I think that there is no other sin registered in the Bible that received more publicity then the only between David and Bathsheba. Lets see how it all occurred so that you have an idea of the devils strategic plan.
David was a Man of God, a courageous warrior and a famous king, he was important, he didn’t have to respond to anyone and he had an innumerous amount of women, which made him a vulnerable man.
One day he decided to stay home and not accompany his army and soon the horrific occurred.
David was in his room in the palace, resting and distracted instead of being at war with his army, as soon as he takes a peak through his window and goes out to the terrace of his room to feel the breeze of the night, he sees a woman taking a shower, of course she too had her piece of fault, why was she showering in a place where she could be seen?
David was held back, he saw her and desired her, he simply lost control over his desires, and even though she was married, he sent for her. In that moment he forget all about God, of his principles, and of the consequences of sin.
Bathsheba, also did not deny him, I think she must have felt honored that the powerful king of Israel saw her and desired her, and she let herself get carried away, feeling flattered.
They thought that it would all remain in secret, that it would be a simple night of passion, but that night had disastrous consequences, she became pregnant, and David ordered to kill her husband and the baby died.
Like you can see the devil is wise, he tricks the persons mind. He only shows the “pleasing” side of sin; the fun, the desire, the excitement, what the person is going to “gain” in that very moment, but he doesn’t allow the person to think of all she is going to loose afterwards, in the emptiness she is going to feel when it’s all over, that there is no going back, that the peace will fade and that she will feel the worse person on the face of the earth.
And this is in reference to everything, not only prostitution, but robbery, lying, disobedience, infidelity, etc.
“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!”
1 Corinthians 10:12
“Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak." Mark 14:38


cphosethu said...

You know Mrs Tania

What you just said is true, the devil shows first the outer appearance of sin and when the person falls for it, we then see the consequences later.....Im going to keep this and it will help me a lot...thank you

Yoyo said...

Powerful post indeed, the devil will do all that he can to make us fall, he tempted Jesus, what will stop him from doing the same to us? We must watch and pray daily so we may not fall for satan's trap.

Anonymous said...

Always be on guard,always project the after effect of what we'll gonna do, that we may prevent terrible mistakes to occur in our life.

Geraldine Gayaden

mitchel ngarangombe said...

Truly strong, I will keep guard and pray cause on my own I can't make it only by the power of prayer..

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