Friday, 1 July 2011


Until when are you going to accept this situation of humiliation?

This is not the plan of God for your life, but to say enough isn't

enough, to take an action is necessary to provoke a miracle.

When the person is angry because of the situation she is forced to

take an action, words are not enough.

If you desire to put an end to your suffering, do something about it

and don't wait around for something to happen.

Be angry with the evilness in your life, but not just with words.

Brave people never look back, their eyes only see their target.

Enough of shame, humiliation, poverty, sufferings in your family, your

love life tied up, enough is enough.

Do you know when Ana put an end to her humiliation? When she got

angry, she stopped crying and did something to get Gods attention,

which blessed her and gave her the son she so much desired, Samuel.


Lluvial Godfrey said...

It's like what I understood from the service yesterday. It's not enough to bark, we have to bite and only if we've really had enough ee will do that.

Emily Rubio said...

what I understood from this paraghraph was that we need to put a,"stop sign" to stop all these problems because if we just stay with our hands crossed,"waiting" for a miracle to happen forget about it because nothing would happen un less you put a ENOUGH not just with words but with action

Chelcia Tavares said...

i understood your message enough this is what i'm doing now in my life, putting a STOP in all the problems , take action and change the situation . thank you Mrs. Tania God bless you

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