Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Women of the Bible in real time: Martha and Mary, hospitality

People always talk about the story of Martha and Mary, as if one was the villain and one was the good girl.
But let's analyze well what we can learn from both of them.
The Lord Jesus was used to resting at the house of this family when He went to Bethel, what a great privilege, for sure He had a great affection for them and felt welcomed in their home.
Mary, who showed a great hunger for spiritual things right away, placed herself at the feet of Jesus.
She forgot everything to be with Him, there was nothing that could distract her; she could and would not miss this opportunity.
Marta liked taking care of housework; preparing meals, leaving everything in order for her guests, she was truly hospitable.
Imagine receiving the Lord Jesus in your home, she wanted everything to be perfect, and you can understand her, can’t you?
That’s why Martha was angry when she saw that her sister did not help in anything.
The Lord Jesus had to interfere, and in a loving way rebuked Martha, but He was not criticizing her concern for the service she wanted to provide or rejecting her generous hospitality.
He just wanted her to realize her priorities, putting spiritual things first and to not criticize Mary’s choice.
Some time later when her brother Lazarus died, Martha showed she had great faith in Jesus, believing He had the power to resurrect Lazarus, as He did.
Nowadays with so many tasks, we must watch not to leave aside our time with God.
Not that we are going to leave our home cluttered, but there is time for everything.
I know sometimes there is nobody to help, and we have many obligations to fulfill, but in the end of the day to make a quick prayer just to clear our conscious, only makes us feel like we are not giving our best to God.
Maybe you have changed your time with God to be on the Internet, to watch television or talk on the phone hours, and when you look at the clock you realize there is no time left for your spiritual life.
It is in these moments that we make the wrong choice, giving preference to so many other things and we forget the most important.
Let’s have the qualities of Martha, but never abandon Mary’s good choice.


Millenna Gonzalez said...

Thank you very much Mrs Tania your blogs have helped me soo much, especially the women of the Bible series. I especially loved this blog because I am still trying to balance everything i pray God gives me the strength to make the right choices as i really enjoy my God time and do feel it when i make the wrong choices. Sometimes I watch a film and fall asleep watching the tv so I don't get this God time and it feels so strange and I immediately regret watching the tv in the first place. The thought comes that if you do the spiritual eg reading your bible and then watch tv its just not right but i find that when i do this although i do not always do this i give more time to God and at times am not even in the mood to do anything else but sleep happy that God has shared something really nice with me rather then watch tv and then read my bible fighting to stay awake. Thank u again x

AmatesClau said...

Thanks Mrs.Tania your blog actually made me realize and learn that i haven't spend enough time for my spiritual life with so many tasks that I do I just realize that I am not giving my best because Ive been doing quick prayers;the blogs you gave me from the women of the Bible gave me an example and I realize that I should spend more time for God because he is more important than any tasks I am sure God is going give me strength to do things right.

Asheto said...

I really like this blog; it's very true. Many times we tend to overlook Martha to think that she did't really care- but she did, she just got her priorities wrong.And we do this many times; but when we prioritise God first He gives us strength to do the rest.

nomalizo shasha said...

Nomalizo shasha 15\03\2012

Thank you Mrs Tania for the massege indeed we have to take care of our spiritual life not to keep ourselves buzzy with the things of this world, just like marry did. It has to ballance not to look only one side we have to look both side spiritual and materialize. When Im blessed financial I will be able to invite more souls in the kingdom of God like Martha did but the most important one is my spiritual life. We must be like marry to sit on Jesus feet to be more closer and closer to him.

Nancia, London said...

This is so true. Both things are good but its just that God has to come first.Alot of times I have put my spiritual life on hold toget other things done. I soon realised how much I was making myself even easier for the devil to get my I always but my spiritual life fisrt.
Thanks for this blog.

catch4catch.com said...

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Mamazile Gumbi said...

i learnt about the important of prioritizing i should always put my salvation as number 1

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