Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Teatime with friends:

A while back, my friends and I, pastors’ wives, we reunited ourselves to drink a 5 o’ clock tea, and talk about women in the Bible and their influence.

Well as you can imagine, the conversation lasted more than I had planned, one subject brought up another one and we didn’t notice the time fly by.

We talked about a few women, whose stories are described in the Word of God, and we each shared something, God spoke something to each one of us in a different manner, in the end we realized that we could learn many useful lessons from these stories.

All of us have the desire to be like these women in the bible, but what have we done to be like them? Maybe we have merely limited ourselves to just admire the testimony and courage of the women of the bible, but have we really put enough effort into transmitting to others what they, until today, transmit to us. Have we been concerned in leaving our mark wherever we pass in the lives of the people we are living with?

It’s something to think about isn’t it?

Our Lord Jesus wants us to be different, but to be different we must step out of our comfort zone and use our faith, without fear!


Marilyn Brixton said...

So many times i have read the book of Esther and each time her courage amazes me. The way she went against every emotion, fear and thought that went through her mind ,in order to do what she knew she had to, in order to accomplish the impossible. She made her mark not only in the palace and amongst the jews but in the whole of persia. But its enough of me reading in amazement, now i have to write my own story by my actions of faith and courage. As Jesus said we would do far greater.

marie said...

Making a difference and leaving a mark must be something that we constantly aspire to do. Like the women of faith in the bible that we read about actually, not just those of faith but those who were used in a bad way evidently left a mark or made a difference either in a positive manner or a negative one......

I agree 100% that we must strive to make part of those women who God used to make a difference in a great way.


Marie (uckg london)

LekgoleN Mwale said...

Very much true, faith without action is dead. To be a change prayer is not enough one needs to act. Like when one needs to loose weight, prayer is not enough, you will need to eat well, exercise etc, to see the change you want.

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