Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Why change?

Maybe you know you have to change but you think to yourself, things aren’t in my favor right now. Nobody supports your change, they judge you, and when you try to be different, they think it’s because you want something in return, or worse, they think you’re faking it.
And so you decide it’s not worth it, why change if everyone already has a set opinion about you? Even you have gotten used to who you are, you’ve learned to accept yourself for who you are, your habits, your flaws, even though deep down you know you could be a much better person, a much better you.
My dear friends, don’t wait for anyone, do it on your own, to please God.
Even though if the people who surround you don’t think your capable of change, prove them wrong!
BUT, to really change you have to be unhappy with your own self, with who you’ve been, with who you are, if not then you’ll just modify some things here and there, you’ll modify your character a little bit or you’ll change some of who you’ve been but that change will be temporary. Maybe it’s already even happen to you, that you better yourself for some time and after time passes you go back to being who you used to be.
It cannot be that way, it must be something definite, and you can do it! The first step is recognizing you have to change and then just working at it!


Marilyn Brixton said...

Automatically when we become of God, change has to occur as we grow because its impossible for God's Spirit to dwell in us and we remain the same especially in our character. But it really is up to us because God is so loving and amazing that even though He knows what is good for us, He never ever forces us but waits for our permission before He makes a move. It all begins with a will and surrender then change will definately occur! Thank you Mrs Tania!

Jennifer said...

To change is never easy, but we know its suomething that we have to do in order for our life to progress to another level. This applies to all areas of our life e.g. When you start a new job, you will have to start to learn the way the organisation works, make new friends, etc. When you change that hairstyle that you've had for many years, at first you feel strange, like its not you, but then you get use to it; others like it, and then you even begin to change the way you dress. In other words, change is the start to something good. There is always room for improvement in our lives, and once we recognise this, we embrace the challenge.

Anonymous said...

We need to change always for the better to please God, we need to despite are old self so we don’t go back to who we were. Thanks.

Jennifer V said...

change is a personal decision, not even God can take that step for us,we have to be determined, persevere most importantly to make a decision to please Him through our attitude etc

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