Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Mother's Mission


Talking with the mothers from the girls in the Pre-Sisterhood, we came across various important questions and I think they could help you out as well, on how to treat your children. So, I’ve decided to write a series of articles and this is the introduction to them.

Children have their necessities, which include:

Physical- food, shelter, clothing

Emotional- love, acceptance, affection

Intellectuals- the opportunity to develop abilities for everyday life

Spiritual- a guide on how to learn about God and develop a relationship with Him.

When the family is dysfunctional, they fail to meet the children’s necessities.

But, how to know is a family is well structured or if some things are missing.

Look at what happens in dysfunctional families:

- They don’t communicate

- They keep secrets from each other

- They turn a blind eye, they ignore the inadequate behavior, and they have a distorted perception of reality

- They’ve become numb to their true feelings

- They don’t trust, and so they isolate from other members of the family

- The children desperately strive to be perfect and respond to their parent’s expectations

But on the bright side, this can all change, with God’s help and wisdom, let’s learn how to deal better with our children.

See you soon!


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