Thursday, 30 June 2011

You can do it!

Where do all the doubts and fears come from, if the word of God
assures us that the victory is ours?
How does a person, who believes in God, live professing words of
defeat like; "I can't do this, I'm not capable of this, its not going
to work out, who am I to deserve this?"
These thoughts are not the thoughts of Christ for His followers, those
are all your own thoughts, that will take you nowhere.
Get rid of all of them and put your faith and confidence in what is
written in the word of God, because His promises are for all those who
believe, not just for some.
It doesn't matter whether you have the capacity or not, the difference
is whether you believe or not. To believe means to go for it, without
questions, without reserves, just trusting.
Enough of complaining, it's time to act, you can do anything you set
your mind to, just believe.
Since when did little David have the human capacity to overcome the
giant of Goliath? Never, but he never looked to himself, his focus was
on God in His name he became a giant in the faith, and Goliath in an
insignificant midget. That is what your problem is; when your belief
is 100% in God , something insignificant, impotent and with no control
over you.
Don't doubt, you can do it!


Marcia Quijada said...

Thank you, Mrs. Tania for sharing this with all of us readers. It's so inspiring and really helpful as reminder.

Gigi said...


Asheto said...

Yeah, its a lesson that we need to learn and adopt everyday of our lives i think.
The key word for me is to BELIEVE!! despite what i think,see, feel, or don't feel.When you think about it, its a matter of choice. You either choose to believe and trust in God or choose to believe in doubts, either way one will prevail, but the choice is ours.......

Anonymous said...

I surely believe if set your mind on something and give 100% towards that thing it will definite work in your favour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Tania
This is very strong if we look on David he never looked at the giant as a giant but as small man, the reason why he look on Goliath like that was because David never fear a another man like him but he had the trust that God would delivery him.

This shows to us that we need to put a side those bad thoughts when they come on our way because even though he had fear on his heart but he listened to the voice of faith not the feeling that some time we have. So lets us have this faith always and for sure God will bless each one of us. Let’s stop looking on our problem as a giant because God is with us

Ruth Airosa UK (LONDON

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Tania, yes we need to have confidence in the word of God and stop doubting even if we do or not have the capability of doing something. We should just believe in the promise. Thanks.

Juanita Kona said...

Hello Mrs Tania, I am going to do like David when I think that I cannot. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty old post in your blog, but I only just came across it today, and ironically or better Praise God, its a piece that right now is very relevant to me and an im portant decision I ought to make now because I have delayed it for far too long.

Thank You Mrs Tania

Heather, South Africa

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