Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I observed a young boy as he waited for his flight at the airport, when people began to board, the boy was placed at the front of the line to board and find his seat before all the other adults did so. When I boarded the airplane, I noticed his seat was next to mine. I sat down and the young boy was polite when I spoke to him, and later he just began to color in his coloring book, he didn’t seem to be anxious or worried about the flight while everything was being prepared for the take off.

During the flight, a strong storm arose, of which caused the aircraft to balance itself as a feather in the wind. The turbulence and abrupt movements scared many passengers, but the boy seemed to be taking everything naturally. One of the passengers, who was seated across the aisle from him was worried and in that moment asked the young boy:

- Aren’t you afraid?

- No mam’, I am not afraid, lifting his eyes from his coloring book, with much certainty, he said with a smile:

- My dad’s the pilot.

Situation exists in our lives that remind us of an airplane going through a storm and even though we try to feel safe and sure, we don’t find that certainty, that feeling of stableness. We feel as if we are hanging on thin ice, without having anything to support on or hang on to, to help us. So next time when you feel unsure, and in a situation of danger, and it seems as if the circumstances couldn’t be worse, remember that our lives are in the hands of God, the God who created heaven and earth.

With Him there is nothing to fear, everything is under control,

Our Father is a pilot, I shall not fear.

(Loyde John Ogilvie- author)


Anonymous said...

Very ture, he will never leave us or forsaken us.. Thank you for this wonderful post.
-Maria, FL

Asheto said...

This story really shows the purity of faith. He had total assurance that his dad was the best and so long as he was in control nothing could go wrong; and this is the kind of faith that we all need to strive for.

Anonymous said...

The holy spirit is talking to me, amen.

lots of love

Bulelwa said...

Dear Mrs. Tania

Our Father is indeed our the pilot of our lives and He will not let be harmed at all costs.

Aileen Jaramillo said...

This is how we should trust God through every situation of our lives. HE is our father and will never forsake us.

Shy-Tia Robinson said...

Wow this is very strong

Nwabisa Speelmam said...

Sometimes when we're it's hard to remember but sure know that I should let God be the pilot for He knows better how to drive me safe to my destination.

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