Thursday, 24 February 2011

Stop and Listen!

How many times a day do we enter into God’s presence and we want Him to listen to our complaints and problems? “ My God, answer me, is the Lord not seeing my anguish, the humiliation I am living? I don’t understand why God doesn’t hear me.”
I think you’ve said this before, haven’t you?
But the question is, “ How often do we stop to hear God’s voice, to listen to what He has to say, what is His will for our lives?”
Let’s take the time to allow God to speak, if we listened more and complained less, we would have the answer we want so much.
God speaks through His word, the pastor, people of God, including through certain situations, but because we are often distracted, we are unable to hear His voice, or worst we act death, because in reality we don’t want to obey.
That’s why we are flooded with so many doubts, confusion, uncertainty and we make bad decisions.
Stop and listen to what God has to say, your answer is there, if you really want to do God’s will and not your own.
“I will hear what God the Lord will speak, For He will make peace with His people, His faithful followers. Yet they must not return to their foolish ways.” Psalms85: 8


Raisa Veras said...

its true. God will speak to us in many ways, we are the ones that avoid listening to him. But he always there to teach us. We should definetly listen more.

Anonymous said...

It is important though that we stop first, and listen. Because our minds get flooded with hundreds of different things that we just need to stop on them all, and give a space in our minds and hearts for God's voice. This can only be done when we devote a time of communion with God. Thank you dona!- Melody, UCKG

Albertin said...

its like my eyes have been openned after being blind for a very long time,now i realise that sometimes I am putted in a situation by God because he only wants my attension for me to listen to his voice not hear my voice.this massage is directly for me.from now on in whatever i go through good or bad i will make a prayer and ask God what he wants me to do, for him to talk to me.

rose- philippines said...

This blog awakes me.
Its true we must listen more and complain less.
because us we complain and complain and complain again and again we will not be able to hear what GOD wants us to hear from Him. This blog is directly from me because i'm in a bad situation now and asking God why im getting through this situation. But as this blog says WE MUST HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD, and for me to hear God i must stop asking Him and start Praying for me to hear His voice.

thank you so much for this Blog.

-rose ofanda
UCKG, Philippines

Stephanie M. Gamboa said...

Yes! Very true. And this is what I am learning more and more as each day passes. Sometimes we're so eager to be heard and have our prayers answered that we do not realize the importance of listening to God's direction and having Him take the lead in our lives. Thank you, Mrs. Tania for this post. Very helpful!-Central Falls, RI

Charlotte said...

This is so true many times I have complained more in my prayers to God expecting God to do what I want and not listening to what He wants me to do. Many times distractions do impede us from hearing the voice of God.

dora said...

This is so true, we are always asking God for things, sometimes we need to lower our voice & forget what we need & see what God wants from us, because he surely wants the best for us.

Yenssy! said...

Mrs. Tania
reading this blog post, i noticed that i haven't been listening to God as much as I should. When i pray i complain about unfairness rather than listening to what God wants to tell me.

Yenssy Bernardez
Bronx, NY

Reynape Tiglao said...

yes.. we must not only the one who speak but let us allow God to speak to us. And we will know what he wants to our life, and we will realize that His plans is greater and better than what we wanted and expexted..

Marlen said...

That's true most people today are suffering and they want to blame God for what they are not doing right, but if we let God lead our way our life will make and 180 degree rotation.

mOnica said...

This post awakens me!. Many times we are to eager to calling God's name asking him to answer our prayers but we don't often stop and listen to what God has to tell us.. We should speak less and listen more!. God's plans for us is whats the best of us!. Lets listen to God's voice and he will satisfy the desires of our hearts. I am ready to let God lead my way by walking on the straiqth line and following his path!.

Very helpful! Thank you!

Brockton MA

Vania F. said...

This is so true, sometimes we just want God to listen to our problems and to help us immediately, but when is time for us to listen to Him, we just close our ears and we want to follow our own will. Definitely this message is powerful, it's time to allow GOD to do His will in our lives so that we can see His promises in our lives and be closer to Him more and more... Let's talk less and give more ears to the Word of Our GOD. Thank you Mrs. Tania

Pocha said...

This is a great blog. Sometimes we think of God as a diary, something we can just let all our feelings unto and write and write , but you don't get feed back. And that's not it at all, God is not a diary. He is very much alive and waiting for us to be still and listen to him. He speaks into our hearts and gives us the answer to all our prayers.

Anonymous said...

That is true we tent to ask God for many things and we expect God to answer to our prayer, but we never stop and listen to what he want from us. Thank you

amanda said...

thank you for sharing Big Sister I sometimes fall into that trap of complaining and tell God what i want instead of listening on what God wants and what I want at the specific time its take time to happen because I have been compalining instead of Listening

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