Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bible Trivia: Precious Stones

The clothes of the High Priest of the Old Testament had 12 precious stones in the breastplate, representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. Exodus 28:10

Stone: Tribe:
1-Carnelian - Judah
2-Topaz - Issachar
3- Anthrax- Zebulun
4-Emerald - Reuben
5-Sapphire - Simeon
6-Diamond - Gad
7-Jacinth - Joseph
8-Agate - Manasseh
9-Amethyst - Benjamin
10-Beryl - Dan
11-Onyx - Asher
12-Jasper - Naphtali


hallowmaus87 said...

Last week was the sisterhood award cermony and i was very happy to attend, also all the pledges wore one of the colour from the precious stones.
I find it very interesting to know which stone represented which tribe of Israel.
Also can you imagine how diffcult it was to find these stones in the past ?

God Bless

Bayu Probo said...

Thenk you for the information

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