Monday, 21 February 2011

Bible Trivia: Furniture of the Tabernacle

Ark of the Covenant Exodus 25:10-22
The ark was the holiest object of the tabernacle. Inside of the ark the Hebrews stored a copy of the 10 commandments, which resumed the requirements of the alliance.

Bronze washbasin Exodus 30:17-21
The priests used this basin to wash themselves, because they had to be pure in the Lord’s presence.

Altar for burnt offerings Exodus 27:1-8
Here they presented offerings to God. The altar was located in the atrium in the front of the tabernacle.

Lampstand of Gold - Exodus 25:31-40
The lampstand stayed in a holy place, opposite from the table of the breads. It had seven lamps, cups shallow with small clams with a point in the oil and the other to ignite the flame.

Table for the breads- Exodus 25:23-30
Always in the presence of God, the table with twelve loaves represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Altar of Incense -Exodus 30:1-10
The altar of incense in the tabernacle was a lot smaller than the altar of burnt offering, which was on the outside. The Incense provided a soft, and sweet aroma.


philtrvia01 said...

seeing this stuff used by the Israelite reminds me how Blessed we are, because now we don't need a burnt offering, grain offering, etc. for us to be forgiven.


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