Saturday, 20 November 2010

When God chooses your other half 2 (continuation):

(continuation of Daniela story):
Months passed by, and I broke things off with him and one day I saw a young man in the church and I spoke to God: “That’s the Man of God I want, I was fascinated” But at the same time I thought to myself how can that be him? That guy wears earrings in both his ears and dresses like a youth from this world! It’s tied up! And I turned my sight away and never saw him again.
I became friends with this young mans family, our mothers opened a business together and him and I began to work together. A great friendship grew and I began to take care of him and his family. He became a part of the evangelizing group, got baptized and we began to pray. The problem was that we wasn’t an assistant; people, my pastor, and the assistant whom I had dated in the past would all tell me to be careful. Fear began to settle in, I didn’t want to suffer anymore, I wanted someone of my same faith, an assistant of God.
That same day I told him I didn’t want to pray with him anymore, we both cried, it was awful. A few months passed by and he left the church. He began to involve himself with a married woman and I began to date my ex-boyfriend again, the assistant. We began dating but I quickly began to feel uncomfortable with the situation and I once again broke things off but this time I knew inside of me it was for good.
A year later that young man came back to the church. He began again to seek a relationship with Jesus, and he then became a candidate to become an assistant and we began to date again. My mother loved him and she was the one who had spoken to him about me, she had explained to him that I had suffered a lot on account of my own decisions and that now I was in the hands of God. I trusted, and saw that this time he wasn’t in the church for me but instead because he wanted a true relationship with Jesus this time.
He was raised as an assistant and while we participated in the Therapy of Love, the pastor called us to the altar and blessed our relationship. We hadn’t even asked for it, it was God blessings us because I had let him finally act in my love life, without worrying if it would take long to be blessed. After a year of dating, we got married and the desire to do the Work of God was born and today we win souls for Jesus wherever the wind may blow.
Third advice: don’t be anxious in your love life, wait and trust in God for the right person and don’t take precipitated actions because your scared of being alone.


suLmaaa said...

Good advice Mrs. Tania! Anxiety is one thing the devil really likes using with single women!

maria said...

I love your story Mrs.Daniela. Anxiety gets no where, feelings go no where, trusting in God is the only way of having a blessed love life.

Anonymous said...

i really learned à lot with this testimony. alecandra

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