Friday, 19 November 2010

When God chooses your other half 2:

My name is Daniela, when I became a teenager I began to worry about my love life, I knew it wasn’t the right time, but like any teenager I thought I knew it all. I began to date when I turned 13 years old, because of my age I was immature, and I fought a lot with my boyfriend for insignificant things and this remained for three years. This was when I found the universal church, due to the problems in my family and my love life.
I became firm in my relationship with Jesus, I began to evangelize, and I became a part of the youth group. But there was a stumbling block in my way, I knew what it was, but I was afraid to end things with my boyfriend because I was in love and I was afraid of being alone. The desire to become an assistant began to grow, but how could I be an assistant and date someone who wasn’t in the same faith as I was? Because before that we were part of another church and he didn’t want to leave the old wine and learn about the new wine, which was the UCKG. Five months went by and I had been baptized with the Holy Spirit and I said to myself: “ I am going to break up with him, and leave things in the hands of God.” It was so amazing that I didn’t even suffer, God removed him from my heart and I didn’t even feel hurt.
Months passed by and I began to feel lonely on the weekends, I had Jesus but I began to worry again with my love life, around this time I met an assistant. We talked a lot but we never agreed on anything, and even though he didn’t have a good reputation when he asked me to pray with him I accepted. I was raised as an assistant and we began to date, it was difficult because of the different culture and spirituality but despite it all I continued dating him and everyone told me it wouldn’t work out, but inside of me I would say, “ It will work, I’ll change him.” A year passed by, two years and we had broken things off about five times, but because of pity I went back to him every time, I was led by emotion time after time. I knew I wasn’t happy but I didn’t want to be alone.
Three years later we began to talk about marriage. We bought furniture, and I made my plans but I felt Jesus talking to me saying: “Break up with him, you won’t be happy, you don’t like him enough to marry him.” And I responded to God: “But when we get married our love will grow” (What an evil trick from the devil). Soon after that the Campaign of Israel came along, I made a vow with God for my love life and I was honest with Him when writing my request and I asked Him to take away all the fear I had inside of me of being alone and that in the right time He would send to the church a Man of God with a faithful character to Him.


Alexandra romain said...

Alexandra France
It's important to analyze what motivates us to begin a relationship with someone. Because if we are led by the fear of being alone, certainly the relation will not work. Thank you for that testimony.

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