Sunday, 21 November 2010

When God chooses your other half 3:

My name is Janaina, I had always been a needy young lady, and very anxious about my love life, when I was 12 years old I was already depressed with my love life. It seems unrealistic but at a very young age, I began to involve myself with men, older men, but I was never happy! I had always been involved with men that in reality just used me. When I would discover their games, the deception would overtake from knowing that I was just a toy for them, I would feel like the lowest women of them all. But I was so blind and death that I couldn’t hear my mothers’ advice that only a Man of God could make me happy!
After so much suffering I found the UCKG, when I was 19 years old and I began seeking my liberation. What brought me to church was an incontrollable passion I felt for a drug addict. But I was so blind I couldn’t leave him for anything, I even went to the point of lying to my mom and instead of going to school I would skip and stay with him. This man didn’t even want a serious relationship with me because he had lots of women, and this made me cry so much because I wanted him to be faithful to me.
God began to talk to me and then I began to think clearly, if he was devoted to drugs and couldn’t take care of himself, didn’t love himself enough to quit, how could he ever love me?
I began seeking my liberation and thankfully God freed me of that passion and off all my anguish and depression. I gave Him my heart, and told God:
“My dear father, I have already suffered so much in my love life, I don’t accept to be fooled by my own heart anymore I ask you that my next boyfriend be my husband. If it’s to just attempt a relationship, I don’t want that, I want a Man of God who has the same objective as I have; to save souls!” This was my prayer and I left it in the hands of God, I wasn’t anxious anymore because I believed that He would not fail me. It wasn’t easy, I was tempted in many ways, but I was strong and maintained my faith in God.
I remember that a young man appeared in the church that seemed to be a Man of God, he was always in the church, he participated in the youth group, he was always serving in everything and we began to pray and talking together. It was only with time that God showed me what was really inside of him, he became cold in his faith and began to speak badly of the church. He only spoke of the injustices he had gone through and that he didn’t have any more strength to pray. And since I had made my prayer I quickly knew something wasn’t right. It was then I asked him: “Who is the most important person in your life?” he quickly responded that I was. It was then I knew he wasn’t the right person for me because God was in second place in his life. He went to the point to tell that he would leave everything, even the work of God to be with me. I immediately broke things off with him and I thanked God for having freed me of that relationship. Today he is in the world, suffering, needing an encounter with God.
God blessed me with a great Man of God, from the moment I met him I never had doubts, and there was only an assurance inside that he was the one for me. I didn’t “feel” anything, but he was the ideal person that I was looking for, he had my same faith, he loved me, respected me, he was a friend; God blessed me with the right person for me. Before being blessed I began to seek my encounter with God, because what god what it be to have a Man of God, if I didn’t have this encounter, everything would fall apart sooner or later. God heard my prayers, and saved me for my husband and now I am married, I love and am loved, and I can tell you all its worth waiting for the right person!
Fourth advice: Forget your past, the bad experiences you’ve lived. There is still time to start over. Wait on God and for the special person he has prepared for you.


Izamar Romero said...

This is really helpful and it renews my faith in other things

Naledi(Star)Malinga said...

Wow,it will help and especially when you say "Seek my encounter with God or All will fail sooner or later".true and it is needed because God needs to be the First Though we are about to blessed.

Anonymous said...

that is so strong look how God work when we listen on what his telling a to do something, is for our own good

ruth airosa

Karen Nunez said...

This story gives me hope, for me when finding a real man of God!! They are truely blessed, love both!!

Melody Habla said...

I love, love this story. I am so amazed by your boldness to tell this sad past, and your triumphant years of waiting for the right person. I know it takes so much inner strength and trust in God to be able to look past one's mistakes and even sins in order to embrace a new life. It is equally challenging to move forward as it is to let go. You are an amazing woman of God Ms. Janaina.

Andiswa Mahobe said...

Wow Thank you for sharing. Indeed its an amazing story. i will wait on my God.

Jennifer Virore said...

God's time is always the right time

ms guni,england said...

I love love this blog

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