Sunday, 14 November 2010

When God chooses your other half 1:

My name is Michely Rodrigo, I am 27 years old and I am currently living in Florida. My husbands’ name is Alex, and together we are realizing our biggest dream; doing the work of God and winning souls for His kingdom.
I am very happy, thanks to a very important decision I took in my love life, a few years back.
I was an assistant in a church in Brazil, when I met a young assistant that according to my friends liked me. Everything happened so quickly; I didn’t have time to think. Our pastor just called us and blessed our relationship. I was completely convinced he was a man of God; after all he was an assistant like me.
My family didn’t support me, every time he wanted to go to my house, they gave an excuse. The worst is when we act with our emotions and not with our faith. I thought everyone was against my relationship and me. It became a confusion in my head! I didn’t know what else to do and so I prayed and looked for help in God and I received it.
God went showing me details that had been there all along but that I hadn’t noticed. He definitely was not for me! The signs were so strong and evident that shortly after our pastor called me and told me it would be a good idea to end the relationship, because he did not give a good testimony, and he didn’t meet any of his responsibilities with the work of God.
I didn’t even think about it twice, I heard the voice of the man of God and obeyed. A year later I met my husband, Alex. From the moment I met him there was only assurance, no doubts or insecurities. We got married and on our wedding day, the pastor said: “Go and spread the Good News throughout the entire world.” Today we do the work here in Florida, United States. I am completely established. All I had to do was hear the voice of God, and use my faith without emotion!
Advice: Be aware of the small details, don’t let them pass by unnoticed because they show if a person is truly of God or not, whether they have the character of God or not.


ellie said...

Que lindo, su testimonio es maravilloso. Muestra confianza completa en Dios.

Blanca said...

El sentimiento mata la fe. El sentimiento no deja que uno manifiesta su fe en Dios. Yo, Nora, era muy sentimental. Yo queria tener novio solo para no estar sola. Despues me di cuenta que necesitaba de Dios, que estaba vacia. Ahora estoy completamente cambiada y no me preocupada por mi vida sentimental. Todo esta en las manos de Dios.

Blanca said...

me gusto mucho este testimonio porque me enseno que siempre hay que poner a dios en primer lugar..Nunca hay que dejar llevarse por las emociones yo ya pase por una situacion igual pero no tome la decicion correcta..porque el sentimiento no viene de dios...

Anonymous said...

Miami FL

am so happy for you because i know god loves you and he bless you with the great husband you have i wish you the best

Anonymous said...

Miami, FL

I liked the way everything happened, how God doesn't just let things happen by other people, how no one can break his will.

Anonymous said...

Miami FL

I liked how she knewhow Pr. Alex was the one for her and how she resisted and didn't give up.

Anonymous said...

Lakeworth FL

I liked how she picked the right husband for her. Really good for her.

Anonymous said...

Pompano FL

Everyone was against her relationship and she kept on trying and not giving up. She was always searching for her answer and not loosing trust in God. She finally got her answer and God honored her patience, he rendurance, and her struggles.
She didn't listen to her heart whether sometimes she felt like giving up. When you are guieded by the Holy Spirit you can expect many blessings.

Anonymous said...

Greenacres FL

I liked the part when she finally found her boyfriend after so many hardships.

Anonymous said...


It is one of the BEST stroies I have heard. It helps many youths not use their emotions but trust in God.

Anonymous said...

this story, is very inspiring, it really shows how important it is for us to listen to God' voice
when it comes to our sentimental life. This is the only way we can be happy. i am so happy mrs. Michelle that you are so happy and realizing your dream.

i am sure God Blessed you becuase of your obedience. may god continue to bless you even more and i am happy we got to meet you and be part of your ministry.

Evelyn west palm beach florida

Anonymous said...

West Gate FL

this is a very beautiful story it shows that in choosing your other half is very complex you have to see all the little details that are positive and negative like in Sra.Michely she saw a man that her friends said she like but she did t all to fast to look very closely at his deffects and the good part is she trusted god and with her faith in god she was abile to notice that he wasent her other half

Delsy romero
miami fl.

Anonymous said...

Maria Lopez

This is a great story, feeling and the heart are decietful, always trust in God that he will make the change. No one can break his will.

mbingilac said...

Very true. this is so teaching. something from God comes with assurance and it is so secure.

mariteszuleta said...

very inspiring story,
very true,if the blessings are from God surely we have the assurance in our heart.

mariteszuleta said...

Very inspiring story Mrs.Tania,
Very true,when the blessings are from God we always have the assurance in our heart.

Thank you so much for sharing this post to us.
May God bless you much more!

Anonymous said...

well it happen to me two guys in the church asked me and both left the church. I dated one, he even got baptised, I was humiliated

Anonymous said...

This is really good, sometimes we use our emotions when we are dating, but we have to pay attention to the little details.

Anonymous said...


"Be aware of the small détails". This is a very precious advice. we have to analyze the situation with our faith and not with our feelings, if we want to understand the will of god.

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