Monday, 8 November 2010

Genuine Love:

It was hard times and painful days. The Jews were persecuted and assassinated for there faith. She was only a little girl, how to overcome the pain of watching her parents and siblings’ murdered? All because they believed in God, sad and alone, she was taken to work as a slave to a house of a Roman family. Hadassah was faithful, but her owner abused her day after day. But still, Hadassah loved her and served her in such a way that not many can even understand how or why.
How to love someone who hurts us time and time again? How to serve those who don’t deserve your sacrifice? How to comprehend such cruelty and aggressiveness, after everything?!
This is a small part of the story from the book “ A voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers.
To love our friends and family is really easy, because those people love us too. To be nice and courteous with them, in reality, doesn’t cost a thing. The hard part is to love those who ignore us, treat us with indifference; those who make us feel as if we are worthless.
Without a reason that person makes you feel so tiny and unworthy, she is nice to everyone but you; she has patience with everyone but you. What to do? Respond in the same way, so she feels with her own skin the pain of being belittled?
No, this is not what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us.
God’s love makes us different, and it takes us to act in ways that surprise even us, in a way that the world considers absurd. Those who have the love of God have a different capacity of love.


ellie said...

I loved this book when I read it. It showed true love and not just pleasure or a false loyalty. Hadassah served Julia not just obeyed.

Asheto said...

Only God can help or cause a person to be like this; this is the kind of love that goes way beyond feeling. It's the love that fights to understand, the love that is patient, the love that is humble- true love.
This is the type of love that hurts your flesh and bruises your pride; even though it is painful, in the end God will honor those who practice this word.

Anonymous said...

I agree we need to be true testimonies of the Lord Jesus, are attitudes should be different even know we get treated badly.

Mbalee B said...

I am currently reading this book and have learnt so much from it already...the way Hadassah love's is truly out of this world and has nothing to do with the heart but to do with pleasing God and walking as Jesus Christ did; I loved how she always said; God brought her in Julia's life to serve her, in which way? by showing her the way to life of true freedom and not what was portrayed as freedom to her.

Not only did she serve but she bared the Light. When we love those who hate us, we do not only affect this person positively but we become a blessing if to those watching.

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