Saturday, 30 October 2010

Empty your backpack:

Have you seen women’s purse? We put so many things in it that we always have to “clean” it and throw away what weighs it down and isn’t good for anything. It weighs so much, sometimes that our arm hurts every time we carry it. Once you take out all the things that were in the purse that you didn’t even remember you had in there in the first place, our bag is much lighter and we can even walk better.
What do you think about also doing a cleaning of your interior, instead of accumulating things with the passing of the years, that convert into just something more to carry in our lives?
Why carry so much weight, if you can be lighter?
Empty today your backpack; start taking things out one day at a time; hatred, lies, resentments, bad eyes, bad thoughts, guilt, little things that have filled your heart. These things weigh too much, and they leave you walking crooked and without being able to progress, these things in reality are just baggage.
Without even realizing, your life becomes so heavy that it’s impossible for God’s blessing to flow.
Even if it’s a sacrifice, think, in the end the only thing that matters is your life in front of God, the rest is reduced to nothing.
What are you waiting for to empty your backpack?
Live free of unnecessary and useless baggage, only after you do that will you be able to be happy.


mOnica said...

This is so true! I remember my backpack was full of hatred, lies, bad thoughts, resentments and every day the devil took the advantage to bombard me with depressing thoughts, i always tried to find ways to be happy but for some reason deep down inside i could not be happy! Felt like there was something stuck inside of me that wouldn't get out. The day i gave my life to Jesus and started praying that is when i started emptying my backpack. From that day on i felt a tremendous change in my interior!. Now i can finally say that i "live free of unnecessary and useless baggage".
Thank you
Brockton MA

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