Monday, 16 August 2010

Women of the Bible in real times: Sarah , submission

Sarah was beautiful, rich and married with the man she loved. Beautiful picture, is it not? But Sarah’s life was anything but easy; she had to face many challenges.
The first one was to leave the prosperous city of Ur of Chaldees, when all of a sudden God tells Abraham: “ Go to the land that I will show you.” To abandon everything and go to an unfamiliar place is not easy. To leave your comfort, the sure for something unsure, her beautiful house, her family, the place where she grew up and was happy, to go somewhere she had not even a clue of, specially for women something like this is not an invitation which sounds so appealing.
But knowing all of this, Sarah still accepted the challenge and she showed submission to Abraham. She proved she’d be by his side in any and every situation. No matter the circumstances, good or bad, she had decided she would follow her husband and her God.
Sarah served her husband with devotion, and respected him so much to the point of referring to him as lord.
But she carried a deep suffering, her reality was dark and cruel; she couldn’t be a mother.
Maybe she didn’t understand why that was happening to her, and even though Sarah had her husbands’ unconditional love, it was frustrating in those times to be a barren woman, it made her feel useless.
It brought much pain and suffering to Sarah to deal with her issue of being barren, she was humiliated because she couldn’t give her husband children and create his line of descendents.
To make matters worse even though it was her idea she had to see her slave caring her beloved husbands child. I’m sure she must have been jealous and upset.
This all felt like too much to handle, but God had made a promise and it was about to come true.
Sarah learned how to trust in Gods’ promises and at 90 years old her dream of being a mother came true.
How about you, in the midst of so many tribulations, have you chosen to follow the voice of God, or your own will?
In the midst of all your struggles, have you trusted or have you opted for the easy way out, trying to solve problems your way?
When God tells you to leave it all and go, do you think about how comfortable you are, all the things you have or do you leave it all behind to follow God and prove your love for Him?
How about your husband? Have you treated him with respect and submission or do you always have to have the last word?
These were Sarah’s dilemmas and each of us has to face our problems every day, but the decision is in our hands.


lovely said...

Amen..We must trust God with all our heart like Sarah did no matter how the struggle are or the situation are,We should follow what the will of God and not our own will..
Thank you for this strong message..

Rianna U said...

legal muito forte. When we simply obey what our Lord tells us to do we do not question it we simply do it and the rest we trust in His hands.

Aurore Desvarieux said...

J'avoue que pendant longtemps, je n'arrivai pas à voir Sarah avec un bon regard : je n'arrivai à retenir son erreur d'avoir proposé à Abraham de faire un enfant avec Agar et ensuite le regretter. Quand je lit cet article, j'arrive à comprendre comment elle a du se sentir tout au long de sa vie.. Quelle vie de sacrifice elle a mené! et malgré ses failles, son mari a continué à l'aimer passionnément comme au tout 1er jour. Elle était vraiment bénie. Je souhaite de tout mon coeur devenir une femme de Dieu telle que l'a été Sarah..

Marilyn Brixton said...

Once we trust, everything else falls into place. this post has really helped me. thank you mrs tania!

Va'Nessah said...

I guess its as simply as your making it seem. If we trust in God no matter what we are going through He will meet our needs, Sarah must have been going through many emotions but she didn't let it get to her. We can see she kept trust in God because at the end she got what she wanted and more.

Anonymous said...

we just need to trust in God in everything we do, his in control of our life even though Sarah never sow the promise of God when she was expected but she still trust on HIM.
Ruth ana Airosa UK (LONDON)

Anonymous said...

That word sounds very beautiful but I can tell you BUT is very hard to do when everything around you in collapsing and nothing is going well. But at the end of the desert there's always an oasis for those who held on to the Lord and believed He would make a way for them. Sometimes I think we tend to forget the promises of God when things are not going our ways but this is not the right thing to do, we should hold on to them in all situations
Puleng Ngoato (BXT UK)

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