Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Women of the Bible in real times: Rebecca, dating

Abraham's servant had a real challenge; to find a wife for Isaac, a rich young man, sole heir of his father, the promise of God.
The requirements were that the future wife of Isaac be a woman of the same faith, of course this includes qualities such as hardworking, strong, compassionate and a heart willing to serve.
Rebecca was a lovely single woman and had great qualities that called Gods’ attention. She was a virgin, she remained pure waiting for the man that God had prepared for her and she wasn’t worried or spent time crying because she was single, and she never exposed herself to men to get their attention. Instead she was very dedicated, hospitable, kind and loved to serve everyone.
The day of her blessing was near, but Rebecca needed to pass the test of fire. She knew nothing, but her attitude would make the difference. She was about to reap all she had sown.
When Eliezer, Abraham's servant, arrived tired from his long journey, he asked Rebecca for water, as always she was gracious and helpful, immediately she gave him water and his camels, demonstrating once again her servant's heart.
This attitude made her reach her blessing. Notice the detail: she served without ulterior motives, not knowing who he was and what his purpose was. She believed this was from God and her faith made her drop everything to go and meet her fiancé.
Have you thought that your fiancé may not be in the same city as you? Maybe he lives in another state or even in another country.
Do you feel discouraged because you do not see anyone who could be your other half?
Trust in God, He does amazing things.
But what are you doing to achieve the blessing in your love life?
Pay attention to the following tips:
* Are you looking for a husband, still acting like a woman of this world, or have you sought to acquire qualities that will really attract the man of God you are looking for, as Rebecca had?
* Never call the wrong kind of attention, trying to seduce him with your eyes or showing off your body, you must be gracious and discreet.
* If your heart is anxious and desperate, you may have taken hasty actions and you've been wrong again and again.
* Perhaps you have worried yourself too much with your beauty to get a husband, but do not forget the most important thing is character, your relationship with God, the man of God requires a woman of God, not just a pretty face.
* Something very important, you must find someone of the same faith, to marry an unbeliever can bring unhappiness and suffering to your life, be very careful when choosing. Better to let God choose, right? He is never wrong.
* If your dream is to do the work of God on the altar, take care of the people, love the people, have intimacy with God and He will take care of every detail of your life.
* Be honest, never do things with ulterior motives, to receive something in return, but do them because you really have a heart to serve, God knows the intentions of our heart.


janes said...

hi mrs. tania
good morning, i have some doubts i was wondering if you could help me. but i don't want post it on on here. i was wondering if i could write it to that e-mail address you have on here. thank you and may you have a blessed day

Tania Rubim said...

Yes, Janes, of course.
God Bless you

janes said...

well, mrs. tania i send you the e-mail and thank you and may god bless

janes said...

Mrs. tania, may i ask u a couple of more question. well i sent u a email again. i am sorry for asking too many question

Charlotte said...

What really caught my attention in this article is 'doing things with ulterior motives'. Ecspecially when it comes to serving others, sometimes we can do it to get a title, be recognised or be seen as something or someone. Many times we question God why we are not blessed, and many times it has been because our motives inside our hearts where not to glorify God but maybe to glorify ourselves. Many times I had to search within my heart and be sincere with myself and with God why I would ask for the things I wanted, and when I realised that my intentions were selfish, then I knew that God would not answer until my intentions changed. This is so important because we always need to analyse our hearts and our intentions, God knows already but we need to know too and recognise and change so that God can truly bless us in any area of our life.

Chantel said...

What really stood out for me is That She had heart to serve which showed was part of her nature.A definite Character I want to have a true heart to serve no matter who the person is or what it may be.
Chantel Matthan

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
I think that serving God with all your heart and having a character that is born of God is the most important thing in our lives, if we put Him first then everything is added and we don't need to stuggle with small things,God will automatically give you in due time.
Puleng Ngoato (BXT UK)

Anonymous said...

I would encourage single women to think about their husband being in another country, maybe singles should ask the Lord , is my wife, husband here, or show me where to Go? you are right, why do we sometimes think so small? you have to be adventurous!

Lindelwa CTN said...

Dear Mrs Tania
Thank you for sharing such a wonder and inspiring message, I have learned quite a lot a will definately start applying in my life.

Thank you kindly

ncumisa saki said...

Dear Mrs Tania

Wow Mrs Tania, thank you for for the message you posted is talking true me a lot and it opened my eyes to know me very well.

Thank you

Candace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candace Johnson said...

Rebecca had no idea the plan of God for her and from experience this is the best way, I really likes this post is really made me thing about how i have been in my "waiting" stage, Its from the moment we left go and trust that God take over and performs wonders. It's so amazing when He does it, even we can't believer when the blessing comes, what i have come to understand is it not my waiting that counts it is how i wait, if it is anxiously and complaining, that wait could last eternity, the time now is to invest in my communion with God, myself and the people, everything else will take care of itself.

Thank you once again xx

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