Sunday, 15 August 2010

Women of the Bible in real times: Eve

Created by Gods’ hands, Eve had a perfect life, everything was peaceful, happy, calm, the life any woman dreams of.
Her home was beautiful, nothing was missing, she was happy with her husband, she had control of everything, and nothing could be better.
But all of a sudden because of her disobedience to the Word of God, her entire world came crashing down, her penalty was tough, her mistake cost her a lot and Eve was found guilty. Her sin brought terrible consequences to her own life, her husband and the entire world. Imagine, in just minutes your life changing the way hers did because of one action taken without thinking first, because she wanted to do things her way, she had a marvelous life, now everything seemed dark and mysterious.
But there was hope, Eve knew she was guilty, but she could serve God whom is merciful and forgives, she would give birth to children and would be the mother of all human beings, this showed a ray of sunlight in her darkness.
Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation, you couldn’t resist the devils temptation and now you feel lost, empty without God and disoriented.
You feel like you don’t have strength to go on, you’ve lost hope, or maybe you think you are not worthy of Gods forgiveness.
The shame you feel doesn’t allow you to move on, or come back to church, but know that your life has great value to God.
When you sincerely repent, God is merciful and forgives.
Stand up and fight, because your future is ahead of you, just like Eve, God will give you a new reason to smile, because He is your strength.
In the next articles, I will continue to talk about another woman of the bible.
Through their lives, their mistakes, their victories, their problems, we are going to learn how to handle our day-to-day battles.
Let’s see with whom you identify with.


Aurore Desvarieux said...

I imagine perfectly what that Eve must have felt: her lack of wisdom and disobedience had consequences so disastrous not only for herself but for the rest of the world ... How many times has she had to say: "so much misery for my sake, " "it's all my fault", "if only I had obeyed, " how many times did the devil inspired her such thoughts like: "I preferred to have never existed","I hate myself", "I always bring misfortune" ... This is what happened with me when the devil made ​​me fall into his trap. And since that day, he does everything to prevent me from getting up, tormenting me with anguish, accusations, sadness, shame and a lot of regrets. But now I struggle with God at my side, He gave me all His authority and all His power: now the devil has no power nor I nor on any aspect of my life.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how disobedience can cause such a trauma in the life of a person, no one really cares during the process of disobedience but the price to pay makes the person aware of their carelessness. But thank God we still have a chance to change everything around just by a simple sincere prayer and never disobeying Him again.

Puleng Ngoato (Brixton UK)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Tania, that is so true when we feel that we have no way out, we need to get close to God because he is the only one that can help us. Indeed he is merciful and he is forgiving.

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