Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Thing women do to annoy their husbands Part 2:

  1. compare him to other men
  2. always complain about everything and everyone
  3. give the famous excuse of a headache when he wants to be with her
  4. not having the food ready on time
  5. continue watching tv when he comes home and wants attention
  6. always being in a bad mood
  7. behaving like a little girl and not a woman
  8. not being home when he comes home tired, instead she is out shopping or in the neighbors house gossiping, while she should be at home to greet him.
  9. always wanting to have the last word
  10. being negative
  11. buying things behind his back, without giving him any explination,and when he sees the bill, she still lies.
  12. when he is home she talks for hours on the phone with her friends, when he would like some attention
  13. tell third parties about your problems
  14. talk too much, specially when he is watching soccer
  15. prepare a dish you know he does not like
If you would like to add something that is not on this list, please
feel free to leave your comments.


jolie said...

mrs. rubim
i have a question about being with your husband. i just got married three days ago, and i am scared of being with him and when we were dating we never had sex before. but now that we are married i feel like i have to force myself to be with him. and he told me that i have to do it, because its my duty as his wife. so i am scared that he is going to just take from me. please help me jolie

Tania Rubim said...

Jolie, now you are married and that's part of marriage.
I think you're just scared because it's your first time.
Pray to God, talk to your husband for everything to be very special.

jolie said...

thank you mrs. rubim
but i wrote you a comment to your email address you have here. i hope you could help. thank you

kelly said...

i have a question? i just got married by the court but our wedding isnt until oct. can we still have sex. even though we arent married by the church. thank you, kelly

Tania Rubim said...

Kelly, the marriage is consummated only when you get married before God, because for now you're just married before the men.
So you should wait until you get married by the church.
God bless you

Lyssette said...

Another thing that annoy men is when the wife always rearraging things around the house and its hard for them to find it.

oliver ortiz said...

it annoy me when I come home
my wife is already already asleep
it annoy me when she throw things out
without talking to me
it annoy me how she has come to expect
I'll let her down
it annoy me how she fight with her mother.
it annoy me when I see her crying
she say that is she okay but i know she is lying
and the thing that really annoy me when she roll her eyes and say whatever
I just go along

Pocha said...

I think it's hard to please anyone in general. We have different ways of thinking, different ways of understanding things. Men were made one way and women another. So we really need to put our issues and concerns about our marriage in the hands of God. The things you can tell annoy your husband pray so that you can react a different away, that's what I do. Or pray so that God shows him that perhaps you (woman) had a point. Maybe he just closed up and thought you were annoying but in reality were not. But it's not the wife's role to open her husband's eyes, that's God's job. I put it in his hands and just pray and am patient. thanks for the tips.

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